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if you don't know many things ... well,many things don't know you either


Hey there ,I don't really know what time is it , nor day , nor date . just as I don't know many things happening around me , just like earth is round , life is too .. just like when you're sitting outdoor enjoying the cold-heated breeze , with that one fly ringing at you , won't bother you no more because you're too busy listening to the singing of the bird so that you aren't able to hear it's ringing ever again . I mean think of it .. why would a fly bother you so much that would let you go inside and miss everything that's waiting for you out there ? while you can just ignore it and enjoy the whistles of that bird instead ? why bother listen to the sound of shoot-guns down the hill while you could shut the windows and play your favorite song ?why do we capitalize the first letter of words instead of giving the whole word the right of " capitalization " ? why looking in the mirror with two reflections instead of making these two reflections into one ?

and why bother BEING instead of BECOMING ?

maybe that is what it is ...


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