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Abusive relationships, heartache and turmoil.
I gave you my love,
But you wanted more.
So I gave you my body,
But you punched and tore.

So I sweetened you with words,
But you refused to hear the truth.
I just wanted you to treat me right,
But you were raged in blinded youth.

So I left. I left you and your hurt behind,
I left your world, but now happy in mine.
I was just too weak, too selfless, too kind,
You knew I was lone, gullible, and supine.

You told me you were wrong,
So I believed your words.
I let you cradle my body,
Even though it hurts.

But, again you failed; relapsed,
Crazed in a whirling irate rage.
Punches and cuts run so deep,
Smoke, mirrors, in opaque haze.

With tears of many,
Blood dripping down,
I lay there just dying,
Not making a sound.

But I just stayed there a while, shallow breathing, bleeding.
You rambling, ranting and raving, jaw-line seething.
Me collapsed on the floor, begging, pleading.
You now sat shaking, trembling, wheezing.

You must be mental, deluded and crazy to think I ever wanted this.
You hurt me once, twice, now I know I should have said no.
But sometimes things are not as easy as they seem.
Sometimes to survive in love, you must let go.

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