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by zzzzz
Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2046241
Not a hobits tale, but a man's
From the perspective of my seating, around the bend seems far. Along this path at my feet, I look towards the bend and see the billowing trees. For some reason, from this distance, they seem darker than those around me. A soft, but omnious fog blankets the trunks at the roots of these formidable giants. They are frightening, but I can't stop now. All the life I have lived, litteraly, has led me to this point.
Grew up the son of a simple family, of 2.5 kids. Where the 1/2 kid wen no one knows, but my sisters were convinced it was me. 1/2 in stature to these Amazon women until the age of 15 or so. Born to a family, with parents both in at least their second marriage and only the mother being biological. Yet, my father often caused biological warfare with me, always wanting to know whom he was, and why he was... For I never quite knew whom I was and why I did what I am doing.
Going on a journey that has no end, which has a bend that is looming closer and closer is testing my courage. I ask myself, would my father do this? In response my brain would say "How would I know, we only met the guy twice". He would then cause my right foot too push forward like the Generals in a fight. Where my left foot would disagree like a soldier in a slaughter telling the body to go back. Isn't the body supposed to harmonize with itself? We are like a church where everyone sings saprano, yet no one knows the pitch, or tempo for that matter.
So here I am staggering a long, one foot forward, and litteraly two steps back, feeling as though the only thing that could help would be a head wind that could push me down and ball me up like a tumble weed. Now I am looking like the hunchback of Notre Dom, dragging the one foot long to get in sync with the other.
Don't you know you two are brothers? Work together, I scold... In my head.... Finding it silly as a I said "Am I really talking to myself?". Insanity may be closer to my consiounsness then the bend thats forthcoming. Why do we keep pushing forward towards progress even though we already crossed the solution about 1,000 paces back. We keep tempting fate for a realization of what our theory may have been. For now this a just a one page summary of a begginning of a journey that may never end.... but I hope you will be able to get lamb chops song out of your head.
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