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Fate or control
Lines to the Future

Jarrod sped down the road, his thoughts on escape. The lines of the street were a blur, a pathway on a timeline, a single unbroken, inescapable trek to a fate he wasnât prepared for.

But beyond that it were the eyes. Always looking at him, almost impossible to ignore. Always up and to the left. The beady little eyes with a glint always to the lower right of the black pupil. They even managed to appear when his eyes were closed, examining him with out judgment as if waiting for him to break under his own damning feelings.

Jarrod stared into those eyes as he raced over the familiar streets that wove along the shore of Lake Minnetonka. While he was cruising around a sharp curve that slanted slightly upward the eyes began to glow and a body appeared to go with them. It was a graceful form, with reddish brown fur, and four slim legs.

It was only as he crashed into it that Jarrod realized it was a deer. He heard a loud thump, lost control of his car, and went flying out over the lake.

His flight was short and the landing violent. he got to enjoy a quick boating trip before the captain yelled, âdive! Dive!.â Then he was headed on an underwater excursion as the lake rushed into his open windows.

After his initial moments of panic Jarrod became strangely calm, looking up and to the left, still seeing the eyes.

What did it mean? Was this his escape? The timeline was broken. His future was wide open.

The water rushed up to engulf his head. Or was he supposed to die! Panic return, but his thoughts followed this new trail. No boring job. No pregnant girlfriend. No responsibilities in sight. No consequences. Free sailing over the seas of the universe.

His fingers undid the seatbelt as his lungs began to give up. Almost against his will he pulled himself out of the window and kicked himself to the surface.

As he paddled he looked up and to the left where the moon shined fully. The eyes glared at him as if the very heavens damned him. Jarrod tore his eyes from the sight and swam for shore.

Once there he stood on the rocky beach and searched for that straight line that would show him the way. What was he supposed to do now?

He trudged up to the road hoping it would put him back on a path. What he found was the twisted, broken body of the deer. He couldnât help but look into the dead staring eyes and feel the fear and despair of having no future.

A future he wasnât ready for or a future without a known purpose. Where was the control? Controlâ¦.. Thatâs what he needed. He needed to make a decision, form a plan, and shoot for a dream.

But what dream? Where did his girlfriend and unborn child fit in? What job would he train for? What was he even good at?

These Questions swirled through the young mans head making him feel even less in control. Then a thought hit him. His girlfriend would help him figure it out. She was smart, calm, and always thoughtful.

He began to walk down the road, his clothes still dripping, his car still bubbling in itâs underwater parking spot. He was too preoccupied with his thoughts to care about that.

His mind was on his girlfriend and a possible future involving a family and a well paying job. But where would that lead?

There was only one way to find out.

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