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by Kee
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One woman's feminine insight on true love. A requested topic.
          I highly believe in true love. True love is something that can only be found once in your lifetime. Granted, you can love so many people, but you can't love someone the same way you love another person. True love can be lived through something real. For example, a year ago I met this guy and we became best friends quickly. We were the cliché best friends falling in love with each other stereotype. Unfortunately, a couple months ago our love ended. He was my true love. What we had was so real, we were happy, we had our ups and downs, but then one day that ended. I believe in true love, but I don't believe that it lasts forever. I believe that when you find your true love and things don't turn out right, it was meant to teach you how to love for your next future partner. My ex-best friend was my true love and I don't think I'll have that true love I had with him, with anyone else. True love exists but it doesn't mean it lasts forever.

          There are many disparities between love in novels and movies and love in real life. Love in novels is something that the author made up or believes in. The author wrote the novel and it was written through the authors perspective. The difference between love in novels and love in real life is that the authors perspective can't come alive without a script. Love in movies is scripted. The difference between love in movies and love in real life is that you can't write a script and give it to someone in real life and say "I want this to happen". You can't do that because love in real life is something unexpected. Love in movies is expected. The difference with love in real life and love in movies and novels, is that you expect the love in movies and novels. You can't expect love in real life.

          What should a man do to gain a woman's love? I think to gain a woman's love is to never stop chasing her. Don't stop telling her how beautiful she is and don't stop telling her you love her. Smother her in affection if she's into that. Don't just spoil her with materialistic things, but spoil her with every ounce of love you have for her. Materialistic is nice and all, but it can never replace the pure love you have for her.

          What should a man be to gain a woman's love? Be the man you want your son to be. Treat your girl the way you want to see your son treat a girl.
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