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by Plume
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Film Review of Jurassic World

Spielberg's Jurassic legacy continues with the latest release of the enhanced Park into a Dinosaur world; a supposed wonderland of delights of dino rides and gimmicks for children and adults of all ages, but is it Alice's rabbit hole we are drawn into when entering this world where teenagers grow up and children or adults bond and learn about each other and themselves, or is this yet another dimension of Hollywood's money printing money making dollar factory?

These continuous productions of action adventure genre films seem to be very profitable for the big screen despite the costs involved and we wonder what exactly about this formula still works or even in fact works better in time.

The film presents a simulation of reality within a simulation in order to make it believable this time since theme and genre and story remain the same. We are no longer surprised by the original idea of a dino on screen nor by the story lines or action scenes, so what is it that makes us go back for more?

A family is in danger again, they are chased by scary dino types with monstrous teeth and have to resolve their problems by coming together to survive.
But this time it's a ride, a simulation of the scary world, it is not supposed to be real because it is seemingly controlled by humans from the start and this appeals to us because we are not taken for a simple audience and we are in on it so to speak, we are agreeing to this simulation both on and off the screen for entertainment value.

The plot is viable because the morality of genetic creation and mutation is questioned and this appeals to human nature because of ethical questions. The plot thickens when Nature does not allow control and when simulation does not work for humans after all because the mutated dinosaurs become real and take on a life of their own.

The danger seems to be the same in this sequel as in the previous ones but the main alluring difference being that it is now better than ever in 3D and the digital effects and graphics are very technologically advanced.
Film makers are in fact acknowledging that as intelligent viewers we are in on it too and we are not supposed to believe it is real but to enjoy its entertainment value.

One more thing as Colombo would say, there may be no mystery to the story to be resolved here but the emphasis is on the fact that nature is homogeneous; that all animals are essentially wild and free, they cannot be tamed or captured without consequences and are all similar to one another as a species in this.
This is portrayed in one of the establishing scenes when an a close up of a seemingly big animal's paw then proves to be the paw of a small bird when the camera goes to long shot. The message here is being reinforced: ethically we should not try to create or control nature or it will all backfire badly on us because Nature's power it in it's 'uniqueness' and 'oneness'.

Look out for those big birds scenes definitely not a sesame street scene and almost reminiscent of Hitchcock's 'The Birds' in it's style although not in content of course.

The film offers lots of variety in terms of action entertainment: the dinosaurs or 'dino-mutations' are big and small, water proof, land proof as well as air born.

The cast chemistry is good with Pratt making a couple of very sassy scenes even sassier, playing the tough guy with a heart of gold (the protector).

High heels are not practical whilst running from 3D humongous teeth but they do look good nevertheless and emphasise the female/male chemistry between the two 'human' love birds throughout the movie.
Heels here being another reminder perhaps from the movie makers that they know that we know that they know that it's just a movie repeat but we do go see it anyway right?
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