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Kora encountering Colton for the first time since that night that they met..
She met his dancing emerald eyes from across the room and he flashed her one of his perfect smiles. She broke her gaze and looked away pretending not to notice. This guy was not about to get to her, he was a jock and had full tool potential. She didn’t care how cute he was, she had bigger and better things to be concerned with, like the situation at home. Even if he was walking this way. Still staring at her. She wasn’t going to notice. Kora quickly put her face even farther in her book pretending to read it. Maybe her dark hair all over her face would make her look so weird and unattractive he won’t even try.
A minute or so passed and nothing so Kora decided to look up and see if he had walked away only to be met with two brilliant green eyes. She tried to look back down but even she knew it was too late.
“You can’t hide from me that easily.” he said with that toothy grin across his face. He took it upon himself to toss his book bag on the table next to hers and swing a leg over the cafeteria like table, taking a seat. He casually ran a hand through his messy golden brown hair.
“Look, I’m not looking to date or anything so don’t even..” Kora started as she began packing up her back pack.
“Whoa, don’t get ahead of yourself,” he laughed “Who says I want to date you?”
Great now he’s laughing at her and she’s successfully made a fool of herself. This has been sufficiently embarrassing. She packed her bag quicker and must have been blushing because he could definitely tell she felt stupid. He suddenly grabbed her hand making her stop.
“Don’t go” he said. So she sat still and looked at him waiting for him to say something.
“Your eyes are the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen” he said looking into them so deeply she felt like time had stopped.
“Colton” she said smiling and rolling her eyes to lighten the moment. She realized his hand was still resting on top hers and she just let it stay there. His hand was sort of chilled, but that could just be because hers was abnormally hot. Could he notice that?
At that moment the bell rang breaking the small moment of silence they had together.
“Can we hang out after school?” he asked quickly as he got up to leave.
“Sure” she didn’t care, she actually liked his presence.
“Meet me in the woods” he said as he began to walk away.
“But where?” Kora asked.
“I’ll find you” he smiled as he jogged off to his class and she sat there wondering how Colton Conrad got her to go on a date with him.
She had the feeling this was just the beginning of the excitement in her life.
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