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A creepy doll from a thrift shop is just not what this mom needed...
Back in the mid-eighties when the movie Child's Play featuring a killer doll named Chuckie was a huge hit, there was another doll who's very name gives me chills...Buddy.

My Buddy was a doll that was on the market when my oldest son Brandon was two, and perhaps is still available for purchase. The dark-haired version bore an eerie resemblence to Chucky of CP fame and everytime my son saw the commercial, he asked for one, much to my chagrin. I kept telling him I'd get him one later, because quite honestly, the resemblence was a bit too uncanny for me. Unfortunately, my sister gave in to my son's pleas and bought him one...at a thrift-store, no less!

Once Buddy came to live in our home, I became uneasy right away. Have you ever had that feeling that someone was watching you? What if it were only a doll in the room at the time? I always wondered why this doll happened to be second-hand. Irrational as it may be, Buddy spent alot of time in Brandon's closet. The thing just creeped me out.

One afternoon, I was trying to get my son to take his nap, but he had playing in mind. So I told him I'd lie down with him until he fell asleep. As I lay facing Brandon, his back to the wall, mine to the room, I suddenly felt as if someone had raked a fingernail across my back.

Startled, I looked quickly over my shoulder, yet said nothing about it aloud. Suddenly, Brandon raised his head to look over my shoulder, toward the room and said "Buddy."

"Brandon," I said, whimpering. "Don't say that...Buddy's in the closet."

Again he raised up and said "Buuuddy." By now I was in tears from sheer fright and jumped up and ran over to the closet, throwing open the door. There Buddy lay, smiling up at me from the toybox. I grabbed him by the arm and took him out and sat him on the porch, telling my son that Buddy needed to get some fresh air. Needless to say, that night after Brandon went to bed, Buddy disappeared...right into the trash-can, with the help of one totally freaked out mommy! *Blush*
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