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A review of the Steven Spielberg film Saving Private Ryan staring Tom Hanks.
Saving Private Ryan

Written by Robert Rodat.
Directed by Steven Spielberg.
Cast- Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Goldberg, Jeremy Davies and Matt Damon.
Certificated- 15.
Guidance- Violence, Swearing.
Length- 169 minutes.

Out of all the war films that have been created, Steven Spielberg's film Saving Private Ryan is described by the soldiers who were there as being an exact representation of how it really was to fight in the Second World War. Based on a true story, it shows the incredible story of men during the war. From the realistic horror of the beginning of the film to the moving ending, creates the film into a well-deserved winner of a Golden Globe for best motion picture of 1999 and creating it into a modern war classic. Capturing the audience within the first few moment, it's impossible not to be amazed and drawn in by the film. I can honestly say, that no other war film truly keeps you on the edge of your seat as much, causing you to feel one moment horrified, the next your laughing at the memories stories, and then crying like a baby without even realising why. It is truly a Sunday afternoon film which, I for one, won't be forgetting in a while.

The first scene shows the American troops landing on Omaha Beach in June 6, 1994. Spielberg sets the tone of the film as being as realistic as possible as within the first minute he shows men being torn to pieces by a machine gun. By using extras with missing limbs, the effect of it hits you more as you see men's legs being blown off and men's intestines outside of their bodies. But, as you almost give up hope on the soldiers, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) leads the men and becomes the instant hero of the film as he claimed the beach. The scene is described as showing the true horror of war and a true tribute to the soldiers who fought. As the first scene comes to a close, the camera shows us a fallen soldier and on his back is the name Ryan. S. as the next couple of scenes shows the effects of the war, with a mother finding out that three of her sons are dead, and the youngest still in action, you get the whole feeling of the time. As a result, Captain John Miller goes on a journey to get the last Ryan (Matt Damon) with his troop (Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Goldberg, Jeremy Davies) with amazing scenes such as Private Jackson (Barry Pepper) making an impossible shot with his sniper that is said to have actually happened.

In addition to this you are shown the hard decisions the soldiers had to make. For instance, when forced to make a decision on whether to execute a German soldier or to leave him live, there is a real torn of emotions causing you to question what you would do. Would you let the soldier life despite him killing one of your fellow soldiers or leave him go despite the risk? Due to their decision and its consequences we are shown the hard decisions that are made during war. In the final fight seen is the perfect end with the sacrifices of the soldier are shown as they attempted to help and save one of the last bridges from the Germans.

Though it is not a film for the weak stomach and sensitive souls, Saving Private Ryan lives up to its fame and is a film that any true action and war film junkies must see. With the amazing performances by Tom Hanks that makes it a film you will not forget and truly appreciate what the soldiers in the world wars did for their countries creating a patriotic feeling that only an American film could do. You also feel as though you are observing at first hand the fighting and the amazing camera work by Steven Spielberg, making it that much more personal and instantly drawing in your attention. Though at the end you question if it was the right idea to endanger the soldiers for one, it captures the brotherly bond formed during war. With Tom Hank's final words of the film being "earn it," it sets a clear message that you should be grateful for the sacrifice of the brave soldiers for your freedom.

Saving Private Ryan's next showing on 2nd of January on Sky Movies Greats Repeat at 1:25pm.          

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