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Prior to Colton and Kora's meeting in school, something strange happens...
She took one last survey of the yard as they walked around the back of the small paneled house that was vibrating from the bass of the loud music within. No one was around besides a few other teenagers walking up, this was a good sign.
“Would you come on” Sam said as she tugged on Kora’s arm leading her to the back door. Some guy opened the door, him and Sam exchanged a few words and before Kora knew it she was at a senior party. She was used to this though, Sam and all of her other friends loved being with the upperclassmen. Once inside, Kora’s nostrils were immediately filled with the distinct smells of liquor, weed, and sweat.
“Excuse me” says some random drunken girl as she walks right into Kora almost spilling a drink on her.
Kora hated being this close to people. She wasn’t much of a partier but her friends were so she was too.
“Kora!” Sam was summoning her from across the room. Sam was so tiny and could easily maneuver through the sea of people. After pushing her way through about twenty people and dodging about five drinks Kora finally made her way over to her friend.
“There’s way too many people here” Kora mumbled, wiping her arm where specks of someones beer had flown up onto her.
“Stop being such a party pooper!” Sam replied as she stuck out her tongue and wiped sweat off of her face, “I won’t lie it is hot though, have a hair tie?”
Kora passed one over to her and Sam gathered her platinum blonde hair into the perfect messy bun. A skill Kora will never have.
“Look, I’ll go get us some drinks, just chill here okay?” Sam was already walking away so it wasn’t much of a choice.
“Okay” Kora really did hate being around all these people she didn’t know. It wouldn’t be long before drunk Sam ran off with a crowd of randoms leaving her behind. She began to look around the room. All the same faces. All the same cliques of people. Then her gaze fell upon two bright green eyes that were actually staring back at her. Startled that she was being watched, she jumped slightly. She saw the person watching her flash her a quick gentle smile as he broke his stare to turn and say something to his friends. She realized who it was that was watching her and her heart skipped a beat. She looked away fast, feeling embarrassed. Great, he was probably making fun of her. It was Colton Conrad.
Colton was every girls dream guy. Star athlete. Popular. A senior. Someone who would never come after someone like Kora. Someone who probably has a million gorgeous girls waiting in line to even talk to him..
“What are you doing?” a voice asked, it was Sam who had come back and was now handing Kora a cup probably filled with something that could get you drunk off one sip.
“Nothing” she said looking down at the cup and taking a sip. Yup, definitely getting drunk off one sip.
“Not you, him” Sam said as she pointed beside Kora. She looked up confused only to see those same green eyes looking back at her. When did he come over here? Why did he come over here? Could he see she was totally freaking out?
“I came over to say hi, I don't think I’ve met your friend” he was still staring at Kora but was half talking to Sam, “I’m Colton”
Of course Kora knew who he was. Who didn’t know who he was?
“Hey I’m Kora” she said still totally confused as to what was even happening. Why was one of the most popular kids in school talking to her? Was she high? His face was so cool and calm, she wondered if hers looked like how she felt, flustered.
“Welp, I’m gonna go find Jason. Catch up with you later, Kora!” Sam said as began to walk away and shot Kora a wink from behind Colton’s back.
He smiled, showing his perfect straight white teeth.
“What?” Kora asked, probably coming off more annoyed than she meant to. She still just felt like somehow this had to be some kind of joke.
“You look like you hate it here” he replied loudly so she could hear him over all of the noise around them as he leaned himself up on the wall next to her. He was shorter than she had expected him to be. Still taller than her, but not by much. It was probably how broad and muscular he was that made him seem so much taller.
“Well maybe I do” she said, he was probably just trying to get in her pants tonight. She knew guys tricks. Maybe she just had to act like she didn’t care and he would stop.
He leaned down to her ear so she could definitely hear him over the loud thumping of the music. She could feel his warm breath as his words came out.
“Let’s go outside.” He pulled his head back and looked at her with his sparkling eyes. He began to walk away, against what she felt like she should do she followed. Before she knew it they had both fought their way through the crowd back out the door into the cool fall night. He made his way to a swing set in the back yard and sat down on one of the swings. She sat on the swing next to him. The moonlight reflecting off of his fair skin made him look even paler than normal.
“Your eyes are crazy gorgeous” he says as he begins tugging at the pockets in his jacket.
“Thanks” she says watching him. Eventually after fumbling around he pulls out a joint.
“You smoke?”
She nodded and he as soon as he lit the joint began puffing away on it. As he passed it to her and she began to smoke he said, “I’ve seen you around once or twice in school. This is the first I’ve seen you out at a party. I’ve been wanting to talk to you.” He's looking up into the sky now as he talks but she's still watching him. She can definitely feel the healthy mix of weed and alcohol beginning to take its toll as the world began to slightly twirl.
“You seem so different” he continued, this time he turned to look at her. He gave her another one of those perfect smiles.
“Different from what?” she managed to get out. The world was spinning so much it was making her sick and her head was beginning to pound. What was going on?
“Every other girl” he finished what was left off the joint and stomped it out. She closed her eyes to compose herself but when she opened them again was still completely out of it.
His grinning face became straight, “You okay?” was the last thing she heard him said but she was already getting up to leave.
“I have to go” she said suddenly. Everything was hitting way too hard too fast. Not even just this whole Colton thing. She could barely even function. What did Sam give her? She got up and ran out to the street out front. She knew she could walk home. It wasn’t even that far from here. Pulling her jacket tighter around her, she continued down the sidewalk. It took everything in her power to keep from tumbling over. Everything twirled and got worse instead of better.
Get to the woods.
Thats all she kept thinking. Why was she thinking that? It’s so bizarre? But somehow it feels right..
You’ll be safe if you get to the woods.
Although she could barely even see anymore, she knew could at least make to the woods. She turned and saw it at the end of the street. Kora changed her course and was now heading directly towards the woods. She kept walking hearing her combat boots clicking on the sidewalk. Was there another pair of footsteps behind hers? She turned. No one. She's just going crazy with all these drugs and shit in her. She kept moving. Almost there. She began to sweat and it felt so icy against her skin with the frigid night air.
No, there’s definitely someone behind her. She could hear the clicking of a different set of feet. She turned again. No one. She started running.
She wasn’t far from the edge of the woods at all, probably only about ten feet. She knew she could make it. Her head still throbbing, everything still spinning. Then she was flown off her feet.
And attacker hit her from behind and she was now on the ground. She let out the most ear piercing scream; her father always told her to scream as loud as she could if anything happened to her. The attacker grabbed their ears. Had she really screamed that loud? Kora tried to get back up, but was too out of it. Everything began to slowly black out. She tried to get a good look at the person above her but they were too distorted.
There was nothing she could do at this point. She hoped she would fully black out before she was raped or killed. All she could hear was the thump thump thump of the music’s bass from the house. Wasn’t that far away? Or was she still there and just dreaming?
She continued to look up at the black shadowy figure that was her attacker. Suddenly he stopped holding Kora to the ground and turned.
An instant later he was knocked off from on top of Kora by something. What was that, a fox? A wolf?
She was almost completely gone. Everything a black haze. She could only remember one thing before she gave in to whatever drugs were in her.
Two large flaming red eyes watching her.
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