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by Roop
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Fickle Thoughts of a man in love, in the midest of all the right doings and wrong doings.
Its all what our meeting glances did,
We were on our path and suddenly skid,
And we two are not,not to be blamed,
Its always been there that we felt,
We always knew that distance melt,
When two souls are tied, tied and flamed,

How can we deny the fact,
That divinity is an alter of love,
Thats how we talk through thought,
How can we survive the life,
If we do not believe in an after-life,
Sort a confusion to give it all, or not,

It's all a lie to save yourself for a while,
And to drown yourself when the moment come,
We can reach anywhere thorough waves,
It's easy to say that we work hard,
Its easy to say that we are playing our part,
And we can never ignore what the rear wheel says,

Can i ask you a simple question,
Do you mind if i don't speak for a moment,
And observe the wind for its, accurate smell,
Do you mind if i give her my thoughts and rage,
To tell my story in every age,
Softy sometimes and sometimes with a yell,

I am to inspire the world around,
The soil i was born will turn around,
And water my resources of thoughts,
I should go and plough my field,
I should go and plant a seed,
I should go and connect the dots,

The racism will always follow us,
The world will always try to swallow us,
Its upto us to find a castle or a cave,
Oh come with me and take a flight,
Come with me and have a ride,
We have got nothing to loose and something to save.
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