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Colleen Lord is excited about the Grammys until she receives a disturbing letter.
Judith stroked Colleen's hair. Finally Colleen was cried out, and looked up at her Mom. "Mommy you believe me when I said I haven't changed don't you?" She asked. "I want to believe you sweetheart. However, it's hard believing when you write and sing songs about being with a lover forever in Hell." Explained Judith."Mommy that was a decision to further my career. My next album was going to be an album singing my favorite hymns. Like "Jesus Loves Me This I Know, Amazing Grace, Just A Closer Walk With Thee", and "Holy Holy Holy." Explained Colleen.

Monica stood there with the door open. She was frozen in disbelief that Bos's wife killed herself. "What a selfish woman." Thought Monica. Elisabeth has a good life why end it all? After a second she snapped out of it, and called police. Once they arrived, and processed the crime scene Monica spied the piece of paper. It was a list of goals for Bos, and the title "After the Grammys. First one was to divorce Elisabeth, and propose marriage to Colleen. Monica was shocked what's more incensed. Bos and Colleen hugged and kissed on the cheek, but Colleen never implied anything between them. Her hatred for Bos grew more and more. It was personal. Bos came to her hometown of Hickory, AL looking for new talent, and found a young lady. He wooed her into a contract, and His bed, but she wanted no parts of him. It was a member of her family. Gretchen Lee her oldest sister. She committed suicide after breaking contract with Bos. Monica decided Colleen needed to know about this, and called Colleen.
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