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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2046925
A man tries to have a peaceful dinner with the love of his life.
         "The meal looks delicious, honey." I said.
         She stared at me she hadn't spoken to me all night. I didn't understand why I don't remember doing anything to offend her or make her mad. I started eating, she didn't touch her plate she just kept staring.
         "What's wrong?" She remained silent. I was starting to get annoyed. "Fine if you're not going to talk to me would you at least pass the salt."
         She stayed there unmoving. It had been a long day for me and I still had work to do. I looked in the corner where all of it was my work was, it was strange, I found it repulsive and draining but once I got into it I loved it. I pushed my chair out with enough force it shook the table. She flinched I felt bad instantly.
         "I'm sorry Jennifer, it just pains me when I don't get to hear your beautiful voice." I moved over to her. "Please, don't torture me any longer."
         She continued to stare at me confusion flared in her eyes. I didn't know what else to do or say, she'd come around sooner or later. I reached over and grabbed the salt, as I strode back to my chair I looked at the wall and all the pictures covering it. I wasn't in any of them I guess I always got stuck taking them, next time I'll make sure I get in it. Just as I was sitting down our front door opened. She began to stir and started to mumble something incoherent.
         "Don't worry honey I'll see who it is." I stated.
         She kept mumbling louder and faster I didn't understand what had gotten into her.
         "Dear is something wrong?" The intruder said.
         I met him in the hallway. "Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing here?" I asked.
         She started shrieking but it sounded as if she was covering her mouth.
         "Get out of my way!" The intruder pushed me out of the way and went to go check on her. "Oh god what has he done to you!"
         Jennifer was getting out of control shrieking louder and louder clearly this stranger was making her upset and, he had pushed me around in my own home I couldn't sit idly by. He started to turn his head towards me. I had no choice, I took one of the pictures hung on the wall and, just as his eyes met mine I brought it down on his head. The glass flew everywhere he started to stumble. Jennifer was hysterical now, tears where streaming down her face, her chair was rocking back and forth. The man had caught himself and was on all fours I picked up a shard of glass, I really just wanted a peaceful night. He launched himself at me and tackled me, he was on top of me. I started to search franticly for my shard of glass just as my had rubbed over it he punched me in the face.
         "You son of a bitch!" He screamed.
         I grabbed the shard jammed it into his side and twisted it. He howled I kicked him off of me, I got up and walked over to him as he was rolling around in pain with all the force I could muster I brought my foot down on his temple, he went silent. Now that the fight was over I was aware of the stinging pain I felt on my nose I think he broke it. Jennifer had been screaming during the whole fight she had flipped her chair over on its side with all her thrashing. I went over and pushed her chair right side up.
         "Are you okay? He didn't hurt you did he?" I asked tears started forming in my eyes at the thought of what he could have done in the few moments he was alone with her.
         I was ashamed I had let him get anywhere near her. I started to wipe the tears away from her cheek. She snapped her head away from my hand.
         "Please, Jennifer why are you being so cold to me. I'm sorry for what happened tonight, don't you understand I love you, I'd do anything for you, I promise I won't ever let you out of my sight again." I started to sob I got down on my knees. "Please, Jennifer you're my world, my everything, don't you love me?"
         I slowly removed the tape that had been covering her mouth.
         "My name is Mary." She whispered.
         I put the tape back on her mouth.
         "You know it's a real shame." I said with no more sadness in my voice as I stood up and wiped my tears. "I really thought you were the one."
         I backhanded her across the face her chair toppled over.
         "Don't you understand you stupid bitch, we could have been happy!" I yelled. She started to cry. "Save it, it won't do you any good." I said.
         The intruder started to stir "Help me." He whispered.
         "Of course." I said.
         I picked up the picture I had smashed over his head earlier. Jennifer or "Mary" as she liked to be called now, seemed so happy in it she was in a wedding dress and next to her in a tux was the poor shmuck on the floor. He was lying on his back blood had started to pool around him from his wound he looked a little pale.
         "It's okay shhhhh, I'm sorry this happened to you, really I am, if it makes you feel any better I recently got my heart broken." I was on my knees next to him.
         I started to smash his head in with the picture, he brought his arms up in a pathetic attempt to save himself. After three swings his arms fell at his sides I don't think he was breathing anymore. After another twelve his head was flat it had no resemblance to what it had previously been it just looked like a pile of skin with meat scattered around it. "Mary" was wailing on the ground.
         "Shut the fuck up!" I kicked her in the face she whimpered.
         "See look what you made me do, mess up your pretty face." I pushed her chair so she was right side up again.
         "It's okay I'll make all this go away." I waved my hand around the mess.
         I went over to the corner were my work was I picked up the gas can and began pouring it around the house. I made sure to put a decent amount on the man's corpse I wanted to make sure he burned. "Mary" was shaking and sobbing.
         "You have no one to blame but yourself it's a shame you didn't realize what a catch I am." I started to douse her in it. She started wailing again.
         "Shhhhh, it's okay though hopefully one day I'll find the one and, she'll truly appreciate me and, we will be happy. Don't worry, I'll never stop looking."
         I went to the door and lit a match, as I held it I looked into her eyes and saw the terror that had taken over her. She was shrieking probably pleading under the tape.
         I smiled. "It's okay I'll always remember you."
         I dropped the match and walked out shutting the door behind me as she screamed.

Thank you for reading, this was my first time trying something like this so if you could leave any helpful advice or simply tell me if you liked it or not that would be much appreciated.
© Copyright 2015 NathanQ7 (nathanhalter3 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2046925