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A hot girl turns into a male sausage creature.
Tina leans against the bar checking her hair and makeup in the mirror while she waits for a man to offer her a drink. She takes a moment to admire herself tossing back her long fair hair and letting a smile play across her pouting lips as she adjusts her little black dress to show off her curves. As expected the barman brings her a cocktail while she tugs her top down to show just a little more cleavage. The barman nods at a smartly suited man at the end of the bar and she favours him with an insincere smile as she sips his offering.

"Not bad" she thinks considering both the drink and the guy "tonight could be looking up already."

She feels lightheaded and her skin tingles but she doesn't notice as her skin becomes greasy and translucent. She takes another swig and her tits shrink into her chest at the same time her hips narrow and her belly swells until her body has lost its feminine curves and become nothing more than a fat pink sausage.

All around her the other patrons go about their business oblivious to her changing as reality adjusts to fit her changing form even her own memories are changing along with her shape.
The man at the end of the bar watches her intently as arms and legs become long thin hotdogs and her fingers loose their painted nails and elegant dexterity turning into fat chipolatas.
Tina shifts uncomfortably under the man’s attention, sure she knows she looks strange but that’s no excuse for staring.

He gets up from his stool and starts walking towards her as she reaches the final stages of her transformation her pretty face flattening and merging into her thickening neck while her silky hair retreats back into her scalps until as she drains the last of the drink the only trace of her original body her smooth pussy still concealed by her now ill fitting skirt.

The man looks her over still not speaking, like he is waiting for something. He doesn’t have to wait long, under her skirt her pussy is sealing up, the last of her femininity vanishing as a bulge starts to form in her panties. The bulge grows rapidly until the over stretched panties tear apart, a huge bratwurst like penis sprouts from her, or rather, his crotch pushing out from under the hem of his dress until it is swinging around his knees only once it has stopped growing does the man speak leaning in to kiss the new man’s fleshy cheek and saying.

“Hey there honey I’ve been waiting a long time for you” he takes the sausage man’s meaty hand “How about we ditch this pick up joint and go have some fun?”
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