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Aliens hunt dommed humans

Idris Aalooma

Inside a cavern carved into the peak of a mountain crouched Idris Aalooma ; a human-snake hybrid with glowing white snowballs for eyes and long curling rams horns. He sat upon his coiled tail while his four tentacles snaked out to stroke the pillars around him, creating an eerie music that shook the chamber and made the clear pool of water below ripple in unison.
Idris Aalooma hummed along with the music while his hollowed horns vibrated in rhythm. Flakes floated from his eyes to melt into the pool. With each new ripple a picture slowly developed, until the water grew still and showed Idris the largest group of humans to come towards the Ile Ifel in centuries. Some of the more adventurous Kanasai had discovered the group a week earlier as they were gathering at edge of the Himalayan mountain range. The young Kanasai had watched from afar at first, curious of the humanâs purpose, but when the group entered into the range they abducted one of the humans to interrogate. They found that the humans were headed for the Ile Ifel to find out what phenomenon caused people to disappear whenever they entered. They also found out that besides the main caravan three helicopters would arrive carrying heavy equipment and scientists who were not up for the trek in. When they were done with the man they erased his memory and set him back among his kind.
Idris was not surprised the humans were coming. Some of his brethren had gotten to ambitious, even taking down airplanes that flew overhead so as to hunt those aboard. The hunt was a favorite pastime of the Kanasai and Idris could feel their anticipation in the air. Every few hours Idris felt the air snap and heard the voice of another Kanasai entering the earth's plane. By the time the humans arrived forty Kanasai would be waiting.
Idris felt the same anticipation but for different reasons. He was sick of hiding, sick of wasting his time on meaningless things. It was time for his people to dominate once again.
While his eyes searched the faces of the humans he allowed his thoughts to float through the gaping window to the north to the fortress of his sire. Here's my plan. Help wanted.
The thoughts that returned were uncertain. Foremost among them was a vision of the Kanasaisâ hell. A large silver lake above which thousands of Kanasai souls writhed, struggling to reach it. You risk much.
If we canât get in after four thousand years we never will. He flashed a vision of the earth over which they ruled as but a shadow. If done right few will ever know.
He felt his sire mulling it over and was disappointed in the answer. Get started. I'll think on it. This was followed by another vision of hell. Be careful.
Idris sent the same request to the rest of his kinsmen. All the answers were similar to his sires. He felt pity for his race then. The once powerful Kanasai reduced to cowering wraiths because of their banishment from heaven.
Idris shook off the feeling and concentrated on the pool below. He needed to decide which of the humans he would take. He needed men of intelligence and character, men that would be listened to and followed, men to be the tremor that started the avalanche.
It wasn't until the first humans arrived in their helicopters and set up camp that he made his choices. He marked the three humans in the minds of his brethren. Their responses were hesitant but affirmative. They would leave his three alone. There were more than enough humans to satisfy their appetites.
Once that was done only the wait was left. Idris spent this time digging out new rooms in his home. The caves were small and simple but would accommodate the men for their stay.
When the day of arrival came he joined his brethren in a newly made cavern on the eastern border of the Ile Ifel. Carved all along its walls were the lifelike images of every human that was to enter their territory. They had a look of serenity on their faces as if they were having a wonderful dream. Of course, the cavern would be their final resting place. They would never know it was meant to honor them.
Idris joined in the dance that had already started on the cavern floor. For hours the dance continued, speeding up until it seemed as if one massive, contorting body was sprawled across the smooth rock. Then a deep thrum sounded and the Kanasai stopped as one. The first human had crossed the boundary. The thrum sounded again and again. There was a rapt silence in the cave as the Kanasai counted all two hundred eleven humans that passed overhead. When the last thrum sounded they slowly dispersed. There was no hurry. The humans would be allowed to move deeper into the Ile Ifel.
Idris made his way quickly to a room below the human's camp where his first target awaited. There he found the armor he had set out earlier. It wasn't much, just a modified flak jacket and a helmet customized to fit around his horns. As he donned his armor Idris was joined by three others with various forms of armor and weaponry.
Together they raised their heads and opened their mouths slightly. Just a whisper of sound escaped. Like smoke the sound and the billions of miniscule parasites within drifted to the ceiling, found there way into the pores and cracks of the stone and worked there way to the surface.
The humans in the camp didn't hear a thing as the sound made its way among them. The Kanasai directed the parasites to the electronics and made them useless; helicopters, computers, radios, and phones all went dead
Humans began to disappear at that moment. The Kanasai wasted no time in picking off the most vulnerable. They were so quiet and efficient that the humans weren't even missed until later. When they were the humans did just as the Kanasai had anticipated. They sent out search parties.
Idris had been waiting for that as well. The camp was nearly emptied of its warriors, leaving his first target unprotected. Along with two kinsmen he entered the camp, slithering like a snake among the tents and crates.
His target was a scientist named Yoa Shinta. Not strong of body but considered brilliant by human standards. He was sitting by a fire with his colleagues discussing the differing theories about the Ile Ifel. For them it was scientific anomaly begging to be solved.
Yoa was voicing his own opinion when three tentacles whipped out of the darkness behind him. One wrapped about his mouth, another around his arms, and as he was lifted up a third tied up his legs. Then he was gone and his companions were left in shock. Seconds later the shouting started, but at that moment there were humans screaming and panicking throughout the Ile Ifel.
Idris squirmed on his back with his captive struggling futilely on top of him. He found his way into one of the thousands of hidden crevices and into the earth. Quickly he found a small room and pressed the man against the wall. Then he released Yoaâs mouth. The man spit and coughed, then screamed. Idris flinched at the sound. Then ignored the crying and begging that followed.
He hummed softly as he reached up and plucked out one of his own eyes. A puff of flakes fell from his eye and he gently wiped the rest of the powdery stuff from it to reveal a glowing stone. Then he forced it into the horrified man's mouth and hummed louder. The man choked as the stone worked its way down his throat and into his stomach. Soon after he passed out and a satisfied Idris left, sealing the chamber behind him. When the man awoke they would have each other's knowledge. Idris would make another eye later.
As he made his way back to the surface he allowed his mind to see what his kinsmen were doing. He was caught up in there joy while they stalked the humans. He saw three men die in as many seconds, while half the human's number already swam in the silver lake. He also found his last two targets. They were holed up in a natural cave with a bunch of other men while three Kanasai searched for a way to get at them. Idris went to help.
         He arrived as his brethren broke into the cave. He heard the yelling and gunshots. He flinched as a sister was hit in the shoulder. Then he took a place above the cave as he caught glimpses of his prey making their way out of the cave. Matt and Hans were their names. They were among the leaders of the humans.
         Idris fell on them as they stumbled out of the cave. He grabbed Hans first and whipped three arms out at Matt. His tentacles lashed the man's back, sending him stumbling into the rocks ahead. Then he hummed softly and flakes flew from his good eye and into Hans's mouth. The man went limp in his arms and Idris dropped him.
Then he turned on Matt and a shot echoed in the valley.
At that moment the scientist, Yoa Shinta awoke in total darkness. His head ached horribly as he tried to grasp what was happening. His mind reeled at all the new information that swam in his skull. . He saw a million years of history that had been passed down to a creature called Idris Aalooma. He saw visions of massacres and death on a thousand different planet as the Kanasai strove to overflow the silver lake in hope of soaking up all the knowledge held within. He felt the terror as the silver lake grew to fear the Kanasai and stopped their soul from entering itâs waters. He saw a mountain with a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms. But above it all he saw his own fate. He knew that when his captor returned he would be drained of his life. He also knew there was nothing he could do about it.
Meanwhile Idris was about to release his voice when Yoa's memories hit him. For just an instant his lips remained sealed. Then the bullet hit him in the face, ricocheted off the inside of his helmet and exited through his chin.
Idris Aalooma was dead.
An instant later all the Kanasai opened their mouths wide and a high-pitched screech resounded throughout the mountains. All the humans who were still alive went mad at that moment. Birds and bats took flight in a crazed flurry often smashing into the nearest obstacle while the ground born wildlife sprinted off in every direction without regard for their own safety. Then the Kanasaisâ voices floated into the sky, knitting into a cloud that drifted off with the wind. It would float the skies for thousands of years as a disruptive memorial to a favorite son lost to the Silver Lake.
Then the Kanasai fell upon the remaining humans. Killing them without feeling. All they did now was exterminate those who had caused such pain. Hans never got a chance to wake up as his life was ended. Matt, in his insanity put his gun to his head and Fired. He died a half hour later. Insulated beneath the earth Yoa escaped both his fate at the hands of Idris and the madness. He would starve to death in his underground prison.
Idris found himself falling through a clear blue sky. Below him was a large silver lake in a crater on top of a mountain. As he fell his only fear was that he wouldn't get to the water. He drew closer and could see golden trees and shimmering reeds around its shores. He fell closer still and could see the lake's surface dancing as if being struck by raindrops. A smile formed on his face as he hit the shining silver liquid. He was just another drop of rain.

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