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Colleen Lord is excited about the Grammys until she gets a disturbing letter.
Keri overheard Colleen, and mockingly applauded her."Well done. It took you to the last album of your contract to finally get around to recording your token Gospel album. You know the one that country artists are expected to record to pay homage to their heritage, but they don't really mean. Makes me sick." Keri spat out in disgust. Colleen was on the verge of tears again, and she fought hard to blink them away.

Keri was spewing a lot of venom to paralyze Colleen, so now she moved in for the kill. "So tell us Colleen just how is your closer walk with thee Do you still appreciate "Amazing Grace", or do you trample it under your feet." Colleen now was enraged. "Mom I have to get going. I still have to fly out of Memphis to get to Hollywood." Colleen said through clenched teeth.

Judith was forlorn at this point. "Please do me a favor before you go Sweetheart." Judith's eyes pleaded. Colleen calmed down, and said "Sure what do you need me to do?" "Stop by the church, and talk with Pastor Riley."Colleen felt awkward, but said "Ok".

After Colleen left Judith was quiet, but inside a storm was raging. "I think that went well." Replied Keri. Judith after a few second said coldly "My family will never darken your house again. If this is how you feel about us." Keri was stunned. "Surely you don't mean that. It's just I was so angry at Colleen..", but Judith cut her off. "You didn't even give her the benefit of the doubt. She sounded sorry. She had no idea that Lowell would've done what he did. I feel she hasn't changed."You would say that. She's your flesh and blood"sneered Keri. Judith stalked into the house, and spoke "Debbie everyone get your things we're leaving." "So soon" queried Debbie"? Keri appealed to Judith, but Judith held her hand up in Keri's face.
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