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by brom21
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2047201
A general is desperate to find a way to win an alien invasion war.
Fire was devouring throughout the city like a red and yellow phantom engulfing skyscrapers, apartments, hospitals and other structures. Plumes of smoke cloaked the sky that appeared as though an enormous raven was spreading its wings across the sky. People ran about the ruble with burns and corpses littered the ground like an apocalyptic graveyard. Hovering high in the air were ships shaped like inverted cones with laser cannons place around the tops.

“Don’t give in men! There may still be hope! Sergeant Fricks, focus all fire power at the lead ship!” he yelled to a man twenty-five yards away from him.

The constant explosions and laser fire made hard to hear, but Fricks made out his general’s words.

“Sir, the mother ship in troposphere is lowering closer! If it reaches us, we’ll be overwhelmed!”

General Havoc ran to a ship that had collided with an enemy vessel. The pilot was unconscious. Havoc moved his body to the ground and took control. The ship’s ascension was followed with the deep hum of the electrical engine.

“Alien scum! If I go down they’re coming with me!”

He steered the craft into the air as high as he could go. It took one minute to reach the elevation of the descending mother ship.

“Okay, how a little bit of hide and seek. I only wish we could make more of these things,” he said as he pushed a button causing it to become invisible.

General Havoc veered left and right, through and over as he drove the ship past other alien crafts demonstrating his agility. Soon he approached the opening of the mother ship’s hanger bay where attack vessels were being deployed. Inside the immense interior, numerous tall red skinned aliens were marching into ships. He spotted what he identified as the primary propulsion engine. Havoc landed behind the dome shaped object then de-cloaked his ship so he could step out.

He peered around to see the surroundings. On a tall metal scaffold was an alien in a green cape. The alien stood overlooking the situation below him. Then it turned around and walked through an automatic door.

“I’ve got to get up there.”

The general saw an elevator down a short corridor with lights lining the sides. He withdrew his ion pistol and hid behind a large pipe going upwards that was next to the corridor. He waited for a period when the path was open then dashed into it. He hurried as the elevator began to open. Immediately he fired. Five unrespecting aliens dropped with green blood oozing out of their chests. Havoc ran into the elevator and the door closed. He saw that there were two diamond shaped buttons, one on top of the other.

“Simple enough.”

General Havoc pushed the one on top and he felt the elevator move upward. He hid to the left of the door and pulled out a plasma grenade. The elevator opened and he heard footsteps.

“Bombs away!”

The surprise package went flying from his hand and a terrific explosion erupted that muffled high pitched shrieks. Havoc saw that the explosion had torn a hole in the door. He looked past the smoke filled cavity.

“Two times the charm,” he said as he tossed another grenade through the opening he had made. He stepped through and found what had to be the bridge with small fires from the detonation. He recognized a long range communicator at a circular panel.

“Ground force, this is General Havoc, does anyone read?”

“Sir we hear you! This is Fricks.”

Then Havoc saw something on a view screen that caught his attention.

“What do we have here? Some sort of secret weapon? It seems to be a portal maker, but where to?” He returned to the intercom. “Stand by Sergeant.”

“And I thought learning the alien’s speech was needed just for the geeks.”

The general pushed a few buttons and an image came up.

“It’s to their world! And it looks like they plan to send something through. An ionization device! That will kill all organic matter on Earth! They’re mad!”

He went to the communicator.

“Fricks come in.”

“Here sir.”

“The aliens are planning to launch an ionization device.”

“But those are big, even for the mother ship,” answered Fricks.

“They plan to generate a portal from their world and send it through to Earth.”

“But they are organic as well.”

“They must have a way to shield it from them,” replied Havoc.

“It has a temporal flux that will only stay active during the atomic second when the flux window is open.”

He continued pushing buttons and saw something.

He returned to the communicator. “Sergeant Fricks, the device will be transported through a portal that will be in sync for a second during temporal flux. I’m planning to reconfigure the biological code so that the ionization will affect the aliens. A large dispersion dish will open the portal. I am on my way to the operating station.”

General Havoc heard the clanking sounds of metal footsteps and hid under the panel desk. It was the one in the green cape. The general waited for him. Then Havoc burst from his hiding place and put the ion pistol to the alien’s forehead.

“If you kill me, you will die yourself” said the alien.

“You speak English? Well, we learned your language. Take me to the portal room.”

“You won’t kill me.”

“I can shoot you in the arm and cause you great pain.”

Suddenly he did exactly that. The alien screamed.


He pushed the leader to the portal control room with green blood trailing. The aliens tried nothing.

“Only one minute remains.”

Havoc went to the controls and reconfigured the weapons bio settings.


An enormous spiraling red portal appeared from the dish. Then a cubed shaped monstrosity shot out. A huge energy field expanded like sphere from it that enveloped the whole Earth and all the aliens were vaporized. Human kind was saved!

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