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Colleen Lord is excited about the Grammys until she receives a disturbing letter.
Monica was in tears as the police came into Bos's office, and began assessing the suicide scene. Detective Theresa Strauss stood there asking Monica all the questions regarding Elisabeth's death. She tried her best, but the truth is Monica didn't know Elisabeth all that much. She only knew that she and Bos were married, and there didn't seem to be any hard feelings that the two had, but then again there was no joy either. Detective Strauss was stunned, and expected that it was only because she was an intern, and trying to get her feet wet in the music business wouldn't know all the personal stuff going on in the artist's personal life. The only other alternative was for Detective Strauss to call Bos directly, and let him know Elisabeth was dead from a suicide. Monica walked to her desk, and handed Detective Strauss the rolodex, so she could contact Bos, and tie up the investigation.

Bos was fit to be tied. It had been the seventh attempt at reaching Colleen, and letting him know that she was on her way. The Grammys were in just two more days. There was still a lot to work on such as her acceptance speech as he knew that she was going to win all her awards she was up for, she was also going to perform her number one smash "Together Forever In Hell" live that night, and she was paired with Jethro McCormick of the group Ghost Riders to give the award for "Producer Of The Year for Rock Album". If she didn't get herself here by tonight there was going to be problems. He could only stall for so long. At long last his phone rang, and not checking the caller id answered "Well it took you long enough." "Mr.Guthrie?" asked the voice. "Yes this is Bos Guthrie what's this about?" "My name is Detective Theresa Strauss with the Charlotte police. I have to bring the bad news to you that your wife Elisabeth Guthrie is dead from a suicide. She put the gun in her mouth, and pulled the trigger. It's in your office. We need you to come back, and help us understand some things regarding why she would want to take her life." said Theresa. Bos unconsciously hung up the phone. His plans were starting to come undone.

Colleen drove the five and a half blocks to her childhood church. She never broke a promise to her mother, and she wasn't going to do so again. She had been deceived by Bos into doing that concert on Sunday night when she wanted to go home, and celebrate Lowell's birthday. However, now knowing how Lowell felt about her as a woman he wanted to have a relationship with changed everything. somewhere he had gone from the little baby she babysat for when she was twelve to a young man who had a big crush on her so bad. "Who was she to destroy a young man like that?" she chided herself. It was then that the tears came back with a vengeance. She began to imagine Lowell hugging his pillow pretending it was her, and him telling Colleen he was in love with her. She knew his intentions were honorable. Aunt Keri did such a wonderful job along with the men of the church teaching Lowell how to treat and respect a woman. However, because of Lowell's mental retardness he was slow in learning things. A car accident when Keri was pregnant with Lowell caused his retardation. Keri and her husband were struck from behind by a drunk driver, and Keri wasn't wearing a seat belt. She decided not to because she was almost eight months pregnant, and the baby was going to be big. However, her head went into the windshield, and it was the airbag that saved her from death, but the doctors had to rescue Lowell. Lowell ended up on a heart monitor, and in the Neonatal Care Unit for almost three months. Lowell's mental capacity would not go beyond that of a eight year old. However, Lowell was nurtured not to allow anyone, nor anything to hold him back. His Father instilled that in him, so he could be tough to handle himself in the world. Now he was dead at seventeen because she wasn't there for him. "I love you too Lowell, and I would've let you kissed me all you wanted." Colleen whispered through her tears. Suddenly, Colleen was thrust back into the present by her phone ringing. It was Monica. "Good Grief" thought Colleen. Thinking she was calling because Bos was upset responded tersely. "What is it Monica?" "Colleen Elisabeth is dead. She killed herself. You need to know this because Elisabeth killed herself because of you." said Monica. "What? Why is everything my fault? Lowell's dead because I didn't come to his party, and he wanted to kiss me, and tell me he was in love with me, but why Elisabeth? What was it I did for her to kill herself?" wailed Colleen. "She found out that you and Bos were romantically involved together. She found divorce papers that Bos was going to serve on her, and a picture of you two kissing, and supposedly you were real close to him." Colleen was on overload, and let out such a blood curdling scream that she nearly was clipped by an eighteen wheeler that was traveling in the eastbound lane, and she cut over from the westbound. She saw it just in time to verge over to the right, and into the church parking lot.
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