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This is all about me!
I got this idea from Elle which stole the idea from Gaby so therefore I am borrowing the idea from both of them. I'm sure they won't mind.

I'm limited to how I use pictures but that is me up there with the BIG coffee cup. I can fit my whole morning pot of coffee in there. It's so fucking heavy so I don't use it often. I think I will use it tomorrow though.

Age: I could tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya. Kidding. I have been in denial about my age since I was 21. I know, I know it's just a number. Ok fine I'll tell you. Until next month (of 2015) I am 37. *Cry*

Gender: Duh. My name is Jenny. Figure it out. Oh and if that doesn't tell you anything, refer to the picture.

Birthday: August 14th.

Looks: Wear no make up but I will put anything on my lips to keep them from cracking off. It could be lip balm or lipstick. As long as my lips are not dry, I am a happy camper. I will never willingly go camping though, unless it's a thing called "glamping"- in a resort, with chefs, and whatever else.

Hair color: Red. Yes, it's real. I was born with a head full of it.

Eyes: Yes, I have eyes.

Height: 5'4

Weight: Last I checked it was 123 which is astounding since I was 165 twice. I haven't been that since I was a teen though. About five or six years I was 145 and in size 7 pants. Something I thought I would NEVER be able to accomplish. *Bigsmile*

Favorite color: Purple!

Favorite pattern: I enjoy polka dots, stripes, zig zags, and the ulimate patterns are tye dye and white tiger print. (Most know it as zebra print but I LOVE cats. Horses are just okay.)

Language spoken: I'm fluent in sarcasm. Seriously though, english.

Occupation: A few months back I saw that a friend of mine was doing this health stuff called Plexus. I saw that it helped her lose a bunch of weight, give her more energy, and sleep better. She is helping people become healthier and helping spread the word to people. She spread the word to me and now I too am helping people get healthier. Plexus is so amazing! Oh! Even before Plexus, I have been doing online survey for money. (And free stuff) At first, I thought for sure this was bull shit but it works! I'm signed up on four different sites that do this. One of the sites also send free stuff. Just to name a few things I've gotten from that site: A book, dream catcher, coffee, energy sheets, bed sheets, shirts, shoes, boots, baby clothes, a necklace, a coffee cup, pants, and many more things. I've gotten enough money from those sites to get three tattoos, (Very soon four) travel out of state twice, and other things.

Bad habits: Smoking now and then. It isn't an everyday thing but just whenever. Like it could be once a week or once a year.
Getting pissed off and not holding back. Someone pisses me off, I will let them know they were a dumbass.
Getting a tattoo whenever I have enough money.

Good habits: Brush teeth daily
Shower regularly
Make bed daily

Favorite foods: Mexican

Foods I don't like: Mushrooms
Lobster (I'd rather pick one out to have as a pet)
Okay, pretty much anything from water
Pumpkin anything. Nasty!

Favorite time of year:Season- summer
Holiday- Halloween. It's not a holiday. It's a lifestyle.

Sports I like: None

Sports I hate: BASEBALL. Fuck! Cardinals this, cardinals that! I hate hearing about something over and over and over. I live in (ok 30 minutes from) St.Louis and I hear about baseball ALL the fucking time. Especially the summers.

Sports I was involved in: Does table tennis or sexcapades count?

Activities I still do: Various fitness activities

Religion: I'm a witch. Pagan to be exact. Don't be freaked out. It's just about nature. People (not in my life yet) have just freaked out with other people being a pagan because they don't understand it. It's not devil worship. In fact the devil is a christian thing, not pagan.

Favorite music: Metal and classic rock

Favorite band: Pantera

Favorite song: In-A-Godda-Da-Vida

Favorite movie genre: Horror
Some porn
combination: horror/comedy/porn........as in the movie "One Eyed Monster" (It's rated R)

Favorite tv show genre: comedy

Kids: 1 boy. I taught my kid to call me Jenny. My name is Jenny, not Mom. That's my mother's name *Laugh*

Zodiac sign: Western- leo Chinese- snake. I have a yin yang tattoo on my upper right shoulder blade that represents both

That about sums it up but if you want to know more, let me know!

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