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Chapter 2- Roy's Point of view
The room was quiet I could hear the clock on the other side of this huge room ticking. My parents sat opposite of me drinking there tea, while I read the headlines on the Titanic.

''Young master, you luggage's are ready'' one of our servant announced. I nod and we were soon on our way out two our carriage

''I wonder if she's as beautiful as they say'' My mother said

''We'll know soon dear, Go faster''

''Yes sir''

When we got there the place was filled with people some admiring the ship others getting on its.A particular little girl caught my eye she looked at it like it was something out of the world. It is something she has never seen before you can't blame her.

The ship is huge.. the hugest I have ever seen it dose really look unsinkable but it doesn't impress me at all.

''She's really something isn't she?'' Dad joined me

''yeah'' I agreed , It's better than a debaite with him.

I followed behind my parents and walked up to it. My Mother was impressed I could tell. We were greeted warmly as we entered the ship.

I took another deep breath Smokey breath from my cigar and blew the smoke out slowly. From the deck , I watched the big crowed of people beneath us. Some already waving their family and friends who were on the deck goodbye.

''Can I have one of those, mate?'' a man who looked to be my age asked. He had worn out clothes he must of been from the third class. I handed him a cigar. '' Thanks mate''

''No problem'' I turned my attention back to the crowed beneath us.

''Lookin for yo family or friends ay?''

''No unfortunately there on the ship'' he laughed

''the name is Dave'' he took out his hand

''Roy'' I shook his hand. ''what about you traviling with your family?''

''No'' he chuckled ''just a friend''

''Roy'' my mother called I turned she was heading my way ''I see you made a friend'' she looked at Dave up and down as if he wasn't made of flesh and blood like her.She doen't even hide it.

My mother looked down upon on anyone lower than our class, like everybody else from the first class. I don't understand the mentality of people.

''Ma'am'' he took of his hat and put it back on. She turned her gaze to me ''dear you should come back inside your father has something to say to you'' I nod

''nice meeting you Dave'' I say

''the pleasure is all mine''

''What are you doing mingling with the kinds of him?''

''Dad didn't want me did he?''

''No , I just couldn't bare to see you talking with that savage...you gave him a cigar too?''

''Are you just going to study my ever move mother?''

''oh stop exaggerating will you. Have you gone to see your room yet?

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