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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2047386
Colleen Lord is excited about the Grammys. Until she receives a disturbing letter.
The house was eerily quiet now as Keri sat at the table head down. She had been crying ever since Judith and her family left. For a brief moment getting her pound of flesh felt indicating, and joyful. However, when Judith and everyone left the bridge collapsed.

It was ironic that the one she was angry at the most for the moment was the same one who welcomed her into her own family. Keri remembered shortly after losing her beloved husband. Colleen was eleven at the time.

"Mommy. She looks so sad." Said Colleen. "I know Sweetheart. She lost Joel her husband in that free fall driveshaft. Joel tried to save Daddy, and they both died as the cable gave way." Replied Judith. Colleen was determined right then and there. "What's her name Mommy?" Colleen asked. "Ms. Keri, but Colleen" responded Judith, but Colleen was already half way over to Keri. "Aunt Keri. I want you in our family. I am adopting you as my Aunt and big sister." Keri's eyes misted before began to cry."I'm honored" smiled Keri. Judith ran up, and hugged Keri and Colleen "She speaks for both of us" said Judith.

It was at this Keri began to feel guilt and shame. She longed and prayed that Colleen hadn't changed. She knelt on the kitchen floor to pray.

Colleen came to. She saw she was in the parking lot of the church. She looked around, and saw her phone on the passenger side floor. "Colleen are you there?" Said the voice on the phone. Colleen picked the phone. "Monica it's me." She said. "Are you ok? I hear screaming, and the brakes squealing. Did you have an accident?" Asked Monica? "I think I almost clipped into an eighteen wheeler, but the car is ok. I peed in my pants though" bemoaned Colleen. "As long as you're ok though. Did you find what you're looking for back home?" Asked Monica. "How did you know that's where I went?" Asked Colleen? "Bos is infuriated with you. He's been trying to get a hold of you for awhile." Monica replied.

"Well the feelings mutual. I have some questions for him as well. I received a letter yesterday about a boy who committed suicide because he said I broke his heart." Said Colleen. "Who was it?" Begged Monica. "Someone who I wouldn't have hurt for the world. I just didn't know he was in love with me as far as intimacy. It was Lowell Swanson" said Colleen. Just then Colleen was interrupted by a tap on the door. It was Pastor Larry Pyle. Colleen's youth pastor. He heard the screeching in the parking lot, and came out to investigate. Colleen hung up the phone, and opened the door.

"Colleen are you hurt?" Asked Larry. "Shaken up a bit. Can I go into the clothes pantry, and get some clothes after I've cleaned up. I feel like such a mess." Said Collen. "Sure." Said Larry. Then Larry asked "What brings you here?" "I just left Keri Swanson's. My Mom asked me to stop over, and talk with Pastor." Replied Colleen. Larry nodded his head yes like he knew it was understood. "I'll let him know you are here." Responded Larry. Colleen proceeded to the bathroom to clean up herself.
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