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by Rox S.
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This points out the reasons that invalidate the US SC's ruling on same-sex marriage
By Marie Sarsosa

“I have nothing against LGBT…” is the common defensive line I prefer not to quote as my introduction. In my perspective, the approval of US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage neither celebrate nor discriminate our brothers and sisters who have exchanged sexual preferences. Do not be misconstrued, this issue does not discuss whether the marriage of a couple having same gender is supported either by the Constitution or by the church. The Highest Court has made a record-breaking decision that marriage is founded by love while the Ecclesiastical Body has stressed that marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. The issue in this case does not demand to make both ends meet based on the time-honored principle that “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.” Same-sex marriage may always be a good point of sharp conversation, however, we have to act now and stand our ground – Yes or No! For me, I strongly believe that the issue of same-sex marriage threatens the importance of marriage as well as the people involved. Wherefore, this serves as a strong and valid ground to disagree with the decision of the considered highest court of the world. I know it would result to conflicting views, but before you strike, hear me first!

From the time immemorial, we have opened our eyes in the world where a man is for a woman and a woman is for a man. But not because it has been practiced for so long, then it is not vulnerable to changes. In fact, it is. However, when this change may imperil the society and the people can do something to stop it, do it now. Our culture has tolerated homosexuality to make everyone happy but same-sex marriage is too much to be consented. It is not solely because of any spiritual beliefs, anyone can claim to be an atheist, so the words of the bible do not apply to them. Point taken. But then, how about the other implications of same-sex marriage that affect all earthmen, can they say to be exempted from it as well? We are all humans, hence, what may be dangerous for us may also be dangerous for others. Let us sidelight the biblical verses and highlight the empirical premises that undermine the alleged validity of same-sex marriage.

Love is the best foundation of marriage, but marriage is not hundred percent about love. Also, passion for each other is not enough to sustain a married life. Marriage embraces different emotions, natural instincts, mental capacities, complementing attributes, gender-based skills and other variables to make the marriage survive one lifetime. Consider the love between a man and a woman, they have all the equipment to make the wedding vows work forever, but for no concrete reason, most of them end up in separation. Love that has stood the test of time is admirable, lucky are those who have found it. But not everyone is lucky, love in this generation seems like an outburst – blisses today and sorrows tomorrow. Family is the fundamental unit of society, we should not only consider what the would-be bride and groom have in hand on or before the celebration of the matrimony, but consider most the formula that lasts a lifetime. Good family usually produces good people.

Procreation is the duty bestowed to a man and a woman. This union is the seed of the next generation. It can be said that married people are not socially obliged to procreate. It may be true, but remember, the decreasing number of population endangers the balance of our ecology. We do not have to delve the in-depth of science. Common sense, if man marries a man or a woman weds a woman, reproduction will never take place. Whoever created us, God or any superhuman, his intention is clear that sexual intimacy of opposite sex is required to continue the bloodline of the human race. If heterosexual and homosexual marriage are both allowed, an online article implies that our creator “would have designed our bodies to allow reproduction through both means and made both means of sexual intercourse healthy and natural.”

Sexual intercourse is the ultimate bond that connects the husband and the wife, and so the lovers of same sexes. We do not say that heterosexual lovemaking is completely immune against the hazards of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), nonetheless, homosexual sexual connection has greater chance to acquire STDs. In relation to this, we may say that polluted and modernized environment causes the life shorter than those in the earlier times, but reality tells us that it is better to live life free from STDs. It is very impossible to set aside the fact that this type of diseases can ruin anyone’s immune system in an instant. Also, we all know that STDs can be transmitted from one affected person to unaffected another in various ways that science has already explained. LGBT people interact with the people of society, utilize the same public utilities everyone uses and go to the common places everyone visits. I never mean to isolate them, but the fact alone that there is a valid reason that supports heterosexual sex intercourse on account of marriage, more of LGBT would not be unhesitant to plunge into guilt-free sex and acquire STDs.

Like divorce, ruling that the same-sex marriage is legal would demoralize the very essence of marriage. In divorce, it feels like the value of marriage has been long forgotten. Women walk down the aisle while men wait beside the altar. Since there is a way to run away from the wedlock, couples do not think that much and just tie the knot. However, the ending is not always a happy one, most of them separate in a short span of time. And so I think, now that same-sex marriage is legal, couples will just jump in and drop out later. For a liberated country like America, legal divorce and lawful same-sex marriage is a dangerous combination. It endangers the future of this world, the children - natural or adopted - of this suffered couple.

Coming from a gay-friendly Asian country, there is nothing wrong being a homosexual. We love them! It is true that our country already has serious problems to face to give a damn about same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, we must be proactive, not reactive. As long as same-sex marriage is not yet legally approved in our country, let us think again and again and again. All we need to do is to give the respect due to that person. Same-sex marriage is not a magical talisman that will vanish all gay issues into the air.


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