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by Aana
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Its a love story that covers only the first incident and i am still improving
It was rainy august evening Riaana was very upset with her mother. She was trying to forget the fight in the tune that filled room. It was perfect; the same song that Riaana was practicing on her casio this week. Suddenly the tune stopped, next thing she knew she picked the note where it had stopped and started playing. Riaana heard the tune playing again n they played together until the song finished. Riaana waited for what felt like hours but were probably minutes when the next song started playing. Realizing that this wasn't her imagination Riaana got up n moved to windows trying to get a direction to the tune. It's been a month since Riaana moved to this city .the building had five apartments and two were accommodated one was her and other the elderly couple who owned the building unless off course someone moved in but Riaana wasn't aware of someone else moving in as there was hardly any chaos heard in building and Riaana didn't heard any tune play again that evening.

It was 9 at night Riaana was going out to eat. She hated eating alone but being alone in a crowd is better than being alone at home. Just as she was coming down the stairs the lights went out and the building had no emergency lights Riaana hated darkness and she was in dark alone which made her scream. Next when she opened her eyes she screamed even more until a hand covered her mouth which she bit hard. He squealed like a mouse which made her laugh and Riaana saw his beautiful smirk making her weak in the knees. It was the best feeling she had since two years after the incident. Riaana forgot the darkness, forgot her fear and she forget everything but his smirk. Riaana was smiling like a love struck fool when she realized that his beautiful smirk turned into smile. He was smiling at her. He released her and Riaana tried balancing herself as soon as she realized that he was holding her. She felt so shallow as if it was his arms where she belonged. Riaana felt so sad that her eyes glistened with emptiness but he gave her his hand to hold and even in darkness she knew where it was as if it was just something scripted out of movie. They came down the stairs holding hands shielding the eyes from street lights as they came out of the building.

He handed her an umbrella and went back into the building leaving her on the sidewalk. Riaana couldn't forget the beautiful smirk and she was smiling to herself walking in rain holding the umbrella close to her. Riaana reached her favorite restaurant and was greeted by uncle specky the owner who called for towels as soon as he saw her drenched. Riaana was still smiling when he asked her as to why didn't she used the umbrella she had. Riaana was surprised with free soup along with her regular meal. She wished them good night tipped them more than usual and left for home. As soon as Riaana reached the door to her building it struck her that she didn't asked the guy his name and Riaana started walking up the stairs and bumped into the owner elder couple and Riaana asked them about the electricity incident and they said they had no idea about it as they were not home. Riaana wished them good night and went on making stop on every floor wishing to see him again until Riaana saw the lights in fourth floor apartment.
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