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The last moment of hope has finally gone. It is time to decide.
The cold,black,ash fell silently on the the hard ground. The once proud city had finally fallen. And it was her fault. She had told the army of the weak spot in the defenses.
Now she looked over a sea of bodies, some defenseless others not. Guilt became her companion, revenge her friend. She would seek the destroyer, even if it meant certain death. Hours before she had found her family, all dead all gone. She was the only one left. She would go. She would go to Lamana and seek her revenge.
The girl picked her way through the piled bodies, careful not to step on anything. Fires still burned ;screams still rang through the air. She ignored it all.... She couldn't do anything. She was helpless. Heavy footfalls. The girl quickly hid. It ran past. She breathed a sigh of relief. Then stood and continued walking. Fear racked her body. Then she saw the angels. They told her a name. Her name.
The angels screamed it from the blackened roofs. Telling of her betrayal. The girl ran, the girl called Liv ran. She ran away. War cries followed her for hours, men for days. She couldn't stop. She wouldn't let them catch her. Liv struggled on. She ran through a forest of redwoods and moss, and never stopped. She couldn't. Finally, the men came no more. They had gone.
It had been four days since she had eaten, slept, or stopped. Through a haze she realized that she was in the Ren woods.The trees loomed overhead, the leaves crackled underfoot. And there was silence. A silence so foreboding it felt evil. It tinted the air black and dragged the wood into despair. Liv could move no more, so she had to stay in the evil silence of despair. Her knees buckled and all she could see was black.

I woke up not knowing were I was or why I was there. My stomach growled with hunger,and my body was numb. Then I remembered. The city, my family,running, and then darkness. But I had not fallen here, in a cave. I had fallen beneath the protective boughs of the trees. I quickly sat up. I gazed around and found nothing in the small cave. I rolled onto my knees, preparing to crawl out. Before I could,I felt a hand on my shoulder. Acting on instinct I fought out.
Then I ran; behind me I could hear footsteps, but they weren't human. I ran faster, from the side I heard a sharp bark. I ran even faster, but I was tiring. I tripped, pain racked my body. I tried to stand but my ankle was twisted. I gave up and decided to face my fate.
The footsteps slowed and approached. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. I cried. While the tears flowed down my face the once animal sounds turned to human sounds. I heard the thing kneel beside me. It sighed. I continued to cry and the forest was silent.
"Are you okay?" The deep voice broke the silence. I didn't answer. I could feel his eyes studying me. Then I felt cold hands griping just below the knee of my right leg. He slowly lifted it up. Pain took over my body. I screamed. I arched my back, and screamed. I cried. The hand felt like a distant pulse as my ankle retched pain. The right hand grabbed just above my ankle and the left hand took my foot. They forcefully twisted. I screamed again. The pain was like fire coursing up my body, burning the thoughts that were once gentle.
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