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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2047968
Scott and Brian consummate their civil union.
Just Married

After their civil union ceremony, Scott drove Brian back to the apartment they purchased together. When they reached the front door Scott opened it but held up a hand to halt Brian from going inside. He scooped Brian into his large muscular arms. Brian laughed and wrapped his arms around Scott's neck. Scott carried Brian over the threshold of the apartment, kicked the door closed, and carried him straight back to the master bedroom. He laid Brian on the bed and climbed on beside him. He pressed his parted lips to Brian's and slid his fingers into his thick mane of red curls. His tongue teased Brian's lips apart and stroked into his mouth. Brian met Scott's thrusting tongue with his own. They moaned into each other's mouths as their tongues entwined.

As they kissed they worked to remove each other's clothing. Once Brian's shirt was off Scott kissed his way down his neck and chest. He circled each of Brian's areolas with the tip of his tongue until his nipples hardened. Brian moaned with pleasure as Scott sucked each nipple into his mouth and yelped when he squeezed them between his teeth.

"Ouch, honey that hurt," Brian feigned.

"Aw, I'm sorry sweetie," Scott chuckled. He continued down over Brian's six-pack lapping at each tight roll of muscle. He unbuttoned and unzipped Brian's slacks and slid them down, revealing a pair of black silk boxers. He took a moment to run his tongue over the ridge of Brian's erection through the clinging fabric. He caught Brian's wrists when he reached for the waistband of his boxers. "Slow down eager boy, I want this to last a while. Put those above your head and keep them there."

"And what if I don't?" Brian asked petulantly.

"Then I'll tie them behind your head," Scott answered.

Brian obeyed Scott's command. Scott removed Brian's slacks and kissed his way up his firm muscular legs. Brian squirmed and giggled when Scott nuzzled the silk boxers out of his way and ran his tongue up the seam between his thighs and his pelvis. His giggles turned to grunts when Scott sank his teeth into the sensitive area. Scott sat up and cupped Brian's balls through the silk. Brian squirmed and moaned as he massaged in circular motions.

"Is there something you want Brian?" Scott asked..

"Yes," Brian moaned. "I want you."

"What do you want to do to me?" Scott asked. He slid his hand over the hard ridge of Brian's cock.

"I want to rub your balls and your long, hard cock," Brian gasped.

"What else?" Scott asked. He gripped the waistband of the boxers and pulled them down to expose Brian's stiff rod.

"I want to lick them and suck on you until you come," Brian answered.

"Like this?" Scott leaned down and slid his tongue over Brian's balls. He licked his way up the smooth hard shaft to the tip and sucked it into his mouth. He slid his mouth down the length until he reached the root, and then pulled back up to the tip. "Is that what you want to do?"

"Yes!" Brian gasped.

Scott lay beside Brian and removed his shirt and pants. As always he was commando. Brian kissed and licked his way down Scott's firm muscular body and licked over his balls and shaft to the tip of his cock. Scott moaned as Brian's hot wet mouth slid down his long thick shaft. He ran his fingers through Brian's curls as he sucked deeply on his cock and circled it with his tongue.

"Do you know what I want to do to you?" Scott breathed.

"Hmm?" Brian queried around his mouthful.

"I want to make love to your sweet, tight ass," Scott groaned as he released in Brian's mouth.

Brian scooted up beside Scott. "We've never done it that way."

"I know," Scott slid his arm around Brian. "I was waiting until we became an official couple before I brought it up. I thought it would be a wonderful consummation of our union."

"Alright," Brian agreed. He lay on his side with his back to Scott.

Scott used KY lube to work Brian's anus open with three fingers. He covered his own cock in lube and slowly slid it into Brian's tight clenching anus. He wrapped his arms around his partner and caressed his body while whispering soft encouragement in his ear.

"Oh Brian," Scott moaned as he thrusted into his anus and stroked his hard cock. "You're so hot and tight."

Brian groaned in response. He reached up and wrapped his arm and caressed Scott's head. Scott ran his tongue over Brian's shoulder and neck. He continued to thrust into Brian's ass and stroke his cock. The two moaned in unison as Scott's thrusting and stroking become more aggressive. Brian let out a grunt as Scott sunk his teeth into his shoulder and fired a hot stream into his ass. The stimulation from Scott's orgasm made Brian spray his own release on the bed spread. Scott slid out of Brian and pressed a kiss to the hicky he left on Brian's shoulder.

"I made a mess," Brian moaned.

"It will wash," Scott assured him.

Word Count: 869
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