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by WC
Rated: E · Draft · Drama · #2048137
She lived with no trouble until she had to run away from demons to save her planet Saturn.
She gazed through long eyelashes as everyone went by. She was thinking deeply of what has happened lately. Her nightmares have kept her up all night, they don't let her sleep now. She quickly brushed a hand over her cheek and brushed a tear away swiftly. The chatting she heard was distracting her, she enjoyed time outside her house because she could listen even if she couldn't talk back. She just wanted to feel normal for a while. It’s always the same, she thought. Her dream was always the same. Dark.She falls like she is at the verge of falling from a cliff. The wind too sharp, hitting with icy thin blades, blinding her sight piercing like little daggers in every pour of her body. her heart and organs feeling fly and floating made her nauseous whenever she woke up sweating.

And the weird part was that lately she had been seeing someone smile at her. It made her smile too. She cried to that something for help but it speeded off and didn't turn back, it left her.

She didn't know what love was. How could she? Her mother abandoned her when she was born. Her adoptive parents didn't just fill that void in her heart. Her brother was never home and he didn't care about her. She often wondered why she couldn't find someone to be with when she felt scared or woke up frightened. That only happened on her mind, and the lack of creativity only made the reality knock harder on her.

The only person she could speak with freely about what bothered her was Dr. Matthew. He offered his professional opinion after hearing what she had to say. She was bullied, she was beaten. SHe was not loved and she could trust this to nobody else but him because her father paid him for that. I can go to hell and nobody would care if I begged to be saved from the devouring flames, unless there was anything in for them,
 life is very unfair. What have I done so badly? She thought putting her headphones back on to full blast. I wish I could disappear

Thoughts were flooding her mind afterwards.

She was out of school, her last year in that high school and she would focus on college and work. Great. She rolled her eyes starting giving longer strides walking over the street.She couldn't run when she finally noticed the car coming her way, or how people only shouted and stared with open mouths as if they were frozen in time, except the car that moved at an incredibly fast speed toward her. Her lips parted to scream but nothing came out, only a soft breath that was almost like the last breath of life, hah, how ironic. "I don’t want to feel..." She whisper crunching over and waiting for the worst.

In the few seconds before the hit she wished for some miracle to happen, for some odd reason safe her life. Where was prince that saves the girl like the movies? Her thoughts were running mad. Stop fantasying you idiot and move! Instead of the killing strike... she was rapidly grabbed with a force that knocked the air left on her body. Something was pressing hard against her figure and she was stiff, screaming, thinking of death, of hell, of heaven and for the first time of God.


The "thing" that saved this girl was actually a Fallen Angel. He went by the name of Josh. Just that, plain Josh. His story of becoming one was actually a bizarre mystery for even his closest of friends, how did he die? Why was he cast out from Heaven? Only he and a few others know. When will this human wake up! He was actually tired of the human world. He thought it would be excited to be in this world, but his only task for the very beginning was to learn the schedules of the girl who almost got killed. To follow her around and what a futile investment it seemed to be now, he tried to ponder on.

He sighed heavily and slumped a few feet away from the limb body. It seemed lifeless. "To think this little piece of human has power in her." He uttered and closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them to a faint and soft sound. She was waking up, she groaned softly and turned as if having a bad dream. Of the few rules he was given to when he chose this task the only con it had was that he could not stare at a human from the opposite sex for more than mere seconds because as Fallen Angels he could easily fall into the temptation and ruin the mission.

He wanted to pull his eyes away, luckily he did on time before her eyes opened wide and green orbs stared at nothingness. She was scared, he had seen so many faces of her expressions he knew her better than she knew herself. The throbbing jumped on her head beating like a racing heart and complained the bad case of headache she suffered. That woke her up, for many nights she had not have sleep without a nightmare.

She thought it was a dream because there was a man in front of her. She blinked and rubbed her itching eyes. They hurt, actually everything hurt. She groaned and tried to sit up but found she could not be able to. "You should try to recover first before making any movements." And then when she went back to lie down she heard him. His voice. It was so loud and beautiful; like a song. “What happen?” Her heartbeat raced against her chest feeling everything too real, too afraid. The man didn't respond. She once again tried to stubbornly stand up alone and ended up falling.

"I am your guardian angel." Josh the Fallen Angel said softly. He stood like a statue and towered over her. SHe glanced at him, couldn't see a darn thing but darkness. "Is this... is this real?" She asked extending her arm to touch the feet of the man but he was too far for that to happen. "Yes. This is real." He replied again with that same patient and loving voice he was forced to use whenever he had assignments.

“I'm tired,” she placed her hand over her eyes and rested for a while. It was silent, no one made a sound and it disrupted her. And Josh knew this too but he wanted her to make the move so that then he could make his move. “I know. I've been watching over you. I know you are worried and tired. But everything will turn out fine now." Now. She pondered this words and thought of what to say carefully. "You should've let that car hit me. I don't care anymore if I go to Hell or Heaven. I don't care anymore." She murmured going back to an endless sleep.
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