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by sara
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Just some basic ideas about societies priorities. Feel free to constructively criticise :)
Its 2015 and I’m scared about the route society is abiding by. I wish it were the 90s or even early 2000s. Not because of the beautiful music, but because merit was rewarded. Now it seems meritocracy is something of the past. Rather than an idea, if you possess sex appeal, disturbing views about the world or undertake erratic lifestyle choices, you can make a living for yourself. It’s a viscous self-destructive cycle of society in which evil ensues. My colleagues call me a loser and abnormal for not seeing life as they view it. But I think normality is a curse and I think viewing life just for how it is, without any deep intuition, is a fallacy. I find it disbelieving when people are O.K with what the media, government, society and internet tells them. They feel that they’re the elite generation because information is easily accessible. But I think people are just being manipulated because they don’t think for themselves, they don’t question and thus they don’t possess true knowledge. They’re ignorant about the ideologies and the nature of living life. Liberalism was meant to bring about a focus on the individual but we’ve again gone one step too far. Narcissism is rewarded and sadly looked upon by the younger generation. The age of the selfish selfies and the rise of IPad based classes, where children don’t even learn correct spelling because spellcheck does it for them, is a frightening time for human kind. Just because we evolved within nature, as an ecological niche of intelligent being, does not make us magically possess the true values of living. The question that Plato asked on ‘How we ought to live?’ is something society as a whole has still not grasped. Does this mean that individuals who perform evil acts are not actually evil? Perhaps they’re only ignorant because they don’t embody true knowledge about how one ought to live. They’re essentially manipulated by societies standards of the attributes that society tells them makes ones life content. This is the viscous cycle that I mentioned earlier, society wants us to follow and makes us yearn for things that will only cause capital growth. We as their minions believe it is for our own benefit and happiness when in reality these things don’t provide us with any form of true happiness.

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