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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2048637
Silly Puddy is fun too...
"A Pope is Pope until he dies.+
But we have two Popes. One Pope is retired.
The other is a Liberation Theocrat."
They swung through the dark streets in a mood
of mounting happiness. Eureal had met Nancy at
her Comformation and continued, "Theophylact.
There is a creeping infallibility in the Papacy...
There it is." Eureal slowed and let Nancy down.
His wings beat to a gentle stop.

"I do like this fountain .. Winged Victory." Nancy felt
the burn around her neck where she had hung ..
"Yes. She is beautiful." Eureal remarked.
A dark figure approached . Nancy stepped back into
Eureal's arms. "Is she mine?" the shadow asked.
"I am her guardian. Her heart still beats." Eureal answered.
"Why? What difference can one soul make?" the shadow swayed
as a warm breeze passed.
"I am only a servant. She lives." Eureal answered , moving Nancy
to his right and placing his hand upon his sword.

"It is so." the shadow answered and vanished.
"I must confess Nancy. I do not understand why you mortals want
to die. You will die anyway, Why not have some fun?" Eureal remarked
with a toothy smile. Nancy looked down at her toes in shame,
"I flunked my computer engineering exam and I don't know how I'll pay
off my student loan." Eureal laughed .
His wings drew back under his coat, "Let's get a pint of Guinness !"
"Your not the guardian Angel I imagined." Nancy smiled back, "Did you catch me?"
Eureal nodded yes as they walked to a tavern.

Chapter II
It is what it is.

Nancy had returned to her apartment and slipped into a bubble bath
with her vibrating rubber ducky. She stared blankly at the facet dripping ..
Then, slowly rubbed her vibrating ducky along her slender inner thighs.
"Is this how a congress woman behaves?" Eureal asked. Nancy shrieked.
She could not see the Angel. "Where are you?" she gasped as her vibrating
ducky bobbed in the tub. Eureal materialized beside the tub.

"Come with me." he offered his hand and transported her to a grey world.
Nancy stepped back her feet were covered in grey dust and she had nothing
but bubble soap to cover her .. "It's freezing .. give me a towel." she pleaded.
"Do you not recognize this place?" the Angel asked and put a towel about her.
Her eyes darted about as she shivered she could see her breath.
"No. Is this the Moon?" she queried .
Eureal laughed, "This is your apartment. It is like this all over the world."
"What happened ? Was there a nuclear war?" Nancy voice trembled as her feet
got numb. The Angel touched her and she was returned to her bathroom.
Nancy stepped quickly into the steaming tub and threw off her yellow towel,
plunging under the warm water.

"Nancy you will become a great leader.
You will inspire many women.
But, if the land and sea continues to be polluted,
everything will wither and die.
The Earth will turn to dust."
Eureal's words were fearful, but gentle.

"I flunked my exam." she whimpered.
"Nancy Pelosi does not quit." Eureal answered and handed her the rubber ducky.
Nancy broke out into hysterical laughter and Eureal laughed with her.
She would take the exam again.
Eureal dried her and took her to bed.

Chapter III
Donald Trump
He wanted too much.

Nancy changed her major to political science.
She felt paranoid , Eureal was always watching her.
Donald came over after a desperate phone call.
"Are you nuts? You'll never make any money with politics." Donald was unaware
of the Guardian Angel. "I had a vision... .. an Angel came to me." Nancy's voice cracked.
Eureal had appeared in the mirror behind Donald.

"Honey , I love yah, but this is just stupid.
I live in a world with money and bills.. What the Hell?" Donald spotted the Angel.
"Is this a gag?" he took the mirror off the wall and looked for a camera.
There was only a mirror.
"Mr. Trump,
all that glitters is not gold.
Your woman is on a mission from God."
Eureal's voice filled the room.

Donald broke the mirror on the hallway executor.
The Angel stood before them. Nancy's cat leapt out her arms and down the hall.
"How do we know your not the Devil?" Donald pulled his licensed concealed gun.
"Jesus! Don!" Nancy put herself between the Angel and her boyfriend ..
"He saved me! God please think before you do something awful." Nancy's face was wet
with tears.


Chapter IV
The tipping point.

Donald put away his gun. Nancy hugged him.
"Look I want answers. What are you doing with Nancy?" Donald looked long
and hard at the Angel.
"You are a capitalist and see only a ledger.
I have witness the birth of multiple dimensions ...
Amen , I have seen the Word spring forth from mind of God.
Nancy will bring a new Heaven and Earth.
But, you must have faith." Eureal put his hand on Donald's shoulder.
He knocked it off, "That's baby talk! If your an Angel work a miracle ."
Donald was face to face with Eureal.

The Angel smiled and instantly transported them to Eden.
Donald and Nancy fell to their knees in adoration of the Paradise about them.
The joy of natural harmony was overwhelming.
"Mr. Trump you are naked with not a dime to barter with.
Are you happy?" Eureal smiled.
Donald kissed Nancy passionately and they made love in the grass.
"I have been and will always be yours" Donald spoke softly to his love.
In a blink of time they returned to Nancy's apartment.

"I inherited a great fortune from my father.
He built this city. I had forgotten how much I need him
and you." Donald Trump wept in Nancy's arms.
"We will honor God and keep his garden clean."
Nancy's added. The Angel winked and vanished.

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