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Me talking to myself, as someone else. I was wearing a blue shirt when I wrote it.

Hey! You! In the blue shirt! You've spent your entire life collecting the opinions of others, mushing them together and working this collective blob of unrepresentative outsider perspective into what you mistakenly took for an identity. You basically brought the youtube comment feed of your life... to life, helped it breathe, fed it, you nurtured the unapologetically parasitic bastard until... Well.. Until it was you.
         Two and a half decades of this shit, and your only just now realizing that you let the one and only life you will ever be given be high jacked by a random assortment of compliments and insults.. Opinions mostly coming from vampires who, themselves, are also just random assortments of compliments and insults... I mean... The only reason that you'r any good at talking to other people, is because you find it impossible to talk to yourself. Now you, yourself, exist as a parasite , an attention sucker, because without that sweet sweet nectar you have no identity, without it, you can't exist.
          You have had some AMAZING breakfast tacos, though, all the while never becoming one of those ridiculously derivative breakfast taco snobs, I'll give you that. Anyways.. Sorry for my forward-ness, I don't even know your name. Also, don't use the word forward-ness in conversation, I think I just made it up, and.. We wouldn't want you to look stupid in conversation now would we?.. But I digress... Hey.. Im just now noticing this, but has anyone ever told you how amazing you look in blue?

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