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Free and Gift Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Everybody loves getting free stuff and gifts. The two terms are synonymous. Some like to give away free stuff and gifts and others would rather receive. Regardless of which one you mention ears perk up and interest is instantly piqued. Where do we get the free stuff or gifts? What kind of free stuff or gift is it? What do I need to do to get my free stuff or gifts?

Let me tell you about something that is free and also a gift that can be used to shop on one of the largest retail websites in the world: the free Amazon gift card. Unless you are dead or have been locked away in a dungeon for the past several decades, Iâm sure you have been exposed to the amazing world of Amazon; where just about anything is available for purchase including clothing, electronics, jewelry....the list of available products through Amazon is endless. Not only that; they also offer instant video for viewing the most recent releases of movies and popular TV shows as well as many of your old favorites. Amazon has been a leader in and has revolutionized the online shopping industry. Now just think; you can have or give someone all this for free with the free Amazon gift card.

Gift cards have been around for decades now; ever since Blockbuster first introduced them back in 1984. So the concept is nothing new and has become uber-popular. Name any popular retailer, restaurant or consumer service provider and they most likely have a gift card. Giving a gift card has become a very popular form of gift giving over the years.

Why a gift card? Does it cheapen the gift giving experience or make it impersonal? Should I be thoughtful enough to have an idea of what a person wants and go take the time to purchase it, wrap it and deliver it to the recipient in person? Is giving a gift card comparable just to handing someone a wad of cash and telling them to go buy their own gift?

These are all good questions but in today's world they are unnecessary questions. We all have very busy lives; too busy to go from store to store trying to pick just the right gift and then hope that it will be something that the recipient wants and appreciates. On the other hand aren't you tired of getting gifts that you don't want from well-meaning friends and relatives. Oh boy; another pair of socks from grandma. Gee thanks for the fruit cake Aunt Margaret! Oh how I love the corduroy boxers Uncle Bill! Why is Uncle Bill buying me boxers anyways?

My point is-it is much more considerate to give someone the ability to choose their own gift; something they really want and can use-something they will appreciate. The gift card is the best way to show that you really care what that person wants and that you have their best interests at heart. Don't you want to be seen as the best gift giver for every special occasion? A gift card can accomplish this every time; especially an amazon gift card.

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