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A short story.
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 What A NIGHT  (E)
A short story.
#2049051 by Mary Ann MCPhedran

 What A NIGHT  (E)
A short story.
#2049051 by Mary Ann MCPhedran
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#2187796 by Mary Ann MCPhedran

' Oh, where the hell is it?' rummaging through my bag, and realised my purse was missing,

I had no money to go on the bus and I began waking down the road to the nearest phone box I

walked at a quick pace I could only see a short distance as it was so dark .

The cattle in the distant field were doing their usual, mooing sound.

. I could hear my heart beating as I hurried along the road, and I welcomed

the on coming car which lit up the road for a few seconds. I was very afraid,

and I kept walking quickly, wishing the main road would come into sight.

Another car lit up the road, and I stepped aside to let it pass and the light

shone on to a dark figure, which gave me a shock.

'Am I seeing things? Did I see a lady with no head?'

I began to panic and didn't want to pass the figure. I looked around to see if

there was another way but no this was the only way down to the main road.

I began walking towards the figure, and at that moment another car came up the road and

lit up the figure it was a scare crow, and I was so relieved and chided the

farmer for erecting such a model.

'I think he wants to scare more than the birds away.' I muttered and hurried

along the road to my taxi to take me home.

'What a night!'
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