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by Tammy
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About finding and losing love!
I have met my Mr Right
But not before my hair went all white.
It was too late for him,
And too soon for me.
But then it was alright.

Or that’s what I thought.
For Mr Right was already taken.
And my world was shaken.

Yet I begged for his heart
Pleaded to God and pleaded to the World
But nothing could be changed.
Mr Right was not mine,
His heart --- someone else reigned.

I know, I gotta let him go…
Watch him disappear, slow
I can shout, I can cry
Lose my control and want to die
But he won’t look back
I know.

And it’s too late to even regret,
Pull my hair, bite my hands and fret.
I should be thankful, he says.
For not everyone meet their Mr Right
Only a handful few.
But tell me reader
Could a mere glimpse fill your heart?
Help you relive the moment till another birth?
Can you leave your Mr Right
Knowing you’d never see him again
Never get to spend the night?

My Mr Right now lost in the blue
A part of me, never believed it to be true.
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