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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Dark · #2049129
Lydia had heard all the fairy tales, but this was something that nightmares are made of
Lydia and James were on their way to the annual Woodcarvers Association dinner. Lydia's grandfather was head of the event, having been a member for over fifty years. Lydia loved seeing all the pieces he carved, from large totems, to the tiniest little animals. His was a true talent.

Norway was always so beautiful in the early summer. The sight and smell of the Blaveis, Kusymre, and Revebjelle put Lydia is a festive mood.

Sliding across the seat, and closer to James as he was driving, she lay her head on his shoulder, smiling and sighing happily. The warm weather was cause for having the car windows open, and the breeze was refreshing. All in all it was a lovely evening.

Suddenly James stopped the car in the middle of the road and said, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Shhh! Listen!"

Lydia stayed very still and thats when she heard what sounded like a cat mewling.

"Its probably just a lynx," Lydia said, rubbing James' shoulder to calm him.

"No, no! Something's wrong. Its coming from over there."

With that, James pulled over, threw open the driver door and started running toward the shoulder on the opposite side of the road.

"James, wait! Wait for me!" Lydia scrambled out of the car, trying to keep up with her fiance'.

In the orange light of the setting sun, Lydia saw that there was a small pond just over the hill. Suddenly she realized what the mewling sound was - it was a child screaming for help.

James was way ahead of her, reaching the edge of the pond; shrugging out of his shirt and kicking off his shoes.

"Help! Please help me!"

"I hear you!" James sounded frantic, terrified. "I'm coming!"

"James! Please be careful!" Lydia had just reached the edge of the pond and saw the figure of the child thrashing about.

Help me! Please! Help me!

Suddenly Lydia's hands flew to her mouth in horror as she realized that this voice, this child was not what it appeared.

"JAMES!" Lydia screamed in horror as James dove into the murky water and swam out to the figure.

"James, PLEASE! Its not a child!"

"What? Are you mad? I have to save him!"

As James was turned arguing with her, Lydia emitted a blood-curdling scream. Rising up from the black waters of the pond was a creature that Lydia could never in her worst nightmares believed was real. It lived only in Norweigan folklore.


James turned and was struck motionless with terror. The creature had glowing yellow eyes - eyes that seemed to bore holes into the back of your skull. James' hands flew to the sides of his head, and he screamed in pain. When the thing opened its mouth, it wielded two rows of razor-sharp teeth - teeth that were within millimeters of biting into James' shoulder, as it grabbed him and started dragging him down.

"James! JAMES!" Lydia was standing on the bank of the pond, screaming his name again and again. Suddenly Lydia remembered something from deep in her childhood: the legend of the Nokken.

"Release him!" Lydia scream at the creature, which threw back its head and let out a bellowing, evil laugh.

"Release him, Nokken!" The creature shrieked as if in pain, releasing James, who swam away as fast as he possibly could. The creature rose up in the water, glaring at Lydia. His yellow eyes tried desperately to hypnotize her.

"NOKKEN! NOKKEN! NOKKEN!" Lydia was causing pain and damage to the creature with every mention of its name.

Suddenly, with one final scream, the creature was swallowed up by the dank, black water.

"James!" Lydia found James a few yards away, on hands and knees, gasping for breath and shaking within an inch of his life. Dripping from head to toe, he looked up at Lydia, who threw her arms around him, sobbing in relief.

"If you hadn't figured it out...how did you know?" James shook his head in confusion.

"I remembered an old story my grandfather told me, about a creature who would change shapes to lure humans to their doom. But there was one thing that could save them - if they called out its name."


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