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For authors who want to promote their books or get positive reviews. Loaded with links.
200+ Ways to Promote Your Book and Get the Reviews You Need
By Don Sloan

Text Copyright ® July, 2015

By Don Sloan

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter One
Success! You've written and published your book on either Amazon or SmashWords, or both.
Congratulations! Now what?
You'll need to do the legwork necessary -- some of it quite tedious -- to get those oh-so-important first positive reviews.
In this short booklet I'll provide some helpful links to sources on the internet and in e-books that can help you gain valuable exposure -- both to bloggers, to paid review sites, and then -- after you've gotten a few reviews -- to other sites where you can shamelessly promote your fine piece of writing.
You'll want to keep this book open on your desktop so you can simply click on the links and then cut and paste your information into online forms, query emails to prospective reviewers -- or to promote your book on Facebook groups and Twitter.
If you're new to the self-publishing game, this should help tremendously as it outlines:
How to get a professional review (and why you should invest          in one)
         How to get non-professional reviews
         How to use Social Media and other sites to boost sales and          endorsements
         How to utilize e-books to find possible promotional          opportunities
         How to design your own cover in Word
         How to write a short description that will "get the          click."
         And much more!
Interested? Read on.
Chapter Two
Paid Reviewers
At first, I didn't see the value of a paid review.
For one thing, they can be expensive. But as I've accumulated reviews for my own books, and written countless professional reviews myself -- most of them during my career as a journalist, but lately more than 50 on Amazon and GoodReads -- I have come to believe that having at least one comprehensive, paid, 250- to 300-word review on your book's site is not only valuable, it's essential.
Ever wonder how best-selling authors get that wonderful, glowing praise that's featured on their back cover or flyleaf? Or highlighted in bold quotes in the Editorial Reviews section of their Amazon page?
Their publisher has a marketing writer read the book, sum it up, and write those glowing remarks for use in all the marketing outlets for the book. It's called a "Platform," and your book should have one, too. And, you can display it in boldface in the Editorial Reviews section of your book's Amazon page.
It's a little known secret that professional reviews can "legally" be posted in the Editorial Reviews section on your book's Amazon listing page. Here, it shows up boldly beneath the book's description. The display value couldn't be better.
See an example of this excellent endorsement opportunity utilized by one author. Scroll down to the Editorial Reviews section -- an area the prospective buyer sees long before he sees your actual reviews (some of which which may not be as good). Click here to see this endorsement -- the same kind you could have.
Is it "legal" to post a paid review -- or any portion of it -- on your book's product page?
Yep. And we've got written proof from Amazon that says so. Here's what they have to say on the subject.
Authors can post the paid reviews in the editorial review section of the detail pages for physical and kindle books provided they satisfy the below criteria of the character limits.
Posted reviews that are displayed in the Editorial Reviews section of the Detail page for physical books listed on Amazon.com must not exceed either of the following, whichever applies first:
- 5 (Five) Reviews, up to 600 characters each; OR
- 3,000 total characters; this includes spaces and the HTML coding required to make text italicized or bold
For Kindle Books : Posted reviews that are displayed in the Editorial Reviews section of the Detail page for Kindle books listed on Amazon.com must not exceed either of the following, whichever applies first:
- 5 (Five) Reviews, up to 600 characters each; OR
- 1,750 total characters; this includes spaces and the HTML coding required to make text italicized or bold
This 600 character limit has been applied to posted reviews in order to help avoid the use of copyrighted material that falls outside of our fair use guidelines.

Why wouldn't you want that kind of credibility right up front for your prospective customer to read and appreciate? And one positive paid review, posted here, can effectively offset any negative reviews or three-star ratings that you may receive.
The only question remains: who will do a quality review at a fair price -- one that you can afford?
The list below is not comprehensive, but it'll give you a start. Visit the sites and view their sample reviews and their testimonials.
Then make a wise investment and jumpstart the praise for your book. You've put in countless hours writing, editing and polishing. Now it's time to showcase it!
Of course, just paying for a review doesn't mean it will necessarily be positive. It might simply provide you with valuable feedback that will make your book better in the long run.
That's why you should only buy your review from a service that promises to return it to you -- instead of posting it directly to Amazon (which IS against the rules), so only YOU decide whether it will show up on your site.
Very few pay-for-review sites do it that way. Fiverr reviews and a few others offer to post Verified Reviews in exchange for pay. DON'T DO IT! Amazon will almost certainly pull the review, and may even penalize you for having a paid shill post a review on your behalf.
What good is a Verified Purchase review that you paid for -- sometimes as much as $150 for multiple postings -- if it gets your book pulled when Amazon finds out what you've done?
That's why you need to pick ONLY from the list below, and then post the review yourself on your book's product page.
Of course, you'll want the review to lead with glowing praise for your book. If it doesn't do that, just cut and paste until the best parts are up front. Or, for brevity's sake, just put in the best parts of the review.
The really good news about this method is that YOU control what appears "above the fold" on your book's product page -- and it is a positive endorsement of your creation.
Okay, enough of that. Where's the list of services that do it that way, and what do they charge?
There's Kirkus Reviews. They'll review your book for $425. That gives you a 250-350-word review within seven to nine weeks. If you want a rush job, they'll charge $575 and get it done in four to six weeks. They'll post it to kirkusreviews.com if you like the review. If you don't like it, they'll discard it. And, of course, they'll return it to you for posting on your book's Amazon page, as outlined above.
There's Foreword/Clarion. To get a free review in their quarterly newsletter, you can submit a copy of your book up to two months prior to publication. If for some reason you don't measure up to Foreword's standards, an affiliated reviewer, Clarion, will write a 400-500-word review for $499.
There's Your First Review. They'll provide a 300-word review and a seven-point report card that could help improve your book for $150.
Finally, Publishers Daily Reviews is a review service I began recently. We offer a 250-300 word review, usually within two to four weeks, for $75. We return the review straight to you, so you can post some or all of it on your Amazon page "above the fold," as well as posting it on our blog with a link to your Amazon page.
We try mightily to find the best in your work and put the "money quote" -- the review praise that "gets the click" -- up front in the first paragraph.
If, for some reason, we feel your book could use a little more work, we provide a detailed critique and encourage you to submit it later for a positive review -- at no additional cost!
We also throw in a professionally written, concise description of your book for your consideration, that might be better than the one you're currently using. A concise description is essential to use in query letters to non-professional reviewers.
Again, I've done more than 50 reviews for self-published and traditional authors over the past eight months or so. Take advantage of my expertise, and gain a competitive advantage for your book from the very first time a prospective buyer sees your Amazon page!
Contact Publishers Daily Reviews by clicking here.
NOTE: If you haven't opened your Amazon Author's account yet, do it now.
Type "amazon authors " into a Google search box and you'll be taken to the Author Central site.
To add a paid review to your book's page:
Click on "Join," (if you haven't already done so.)
         Fill out all the pertinent information and add your book(s)
         When your account is established, find your book title and          click on it
         Find the section titled "Editorial Reviews." Click          on "edit"
         Cut and paste all or part of your review into the text box
         Remember the character limit imposed by Amazon -- it's about          300 words
         Highlight the text and click "Bold" to make it          stand out.
         Preview it and then save it
That's it! Now, on to the next section.
Chapter Three
Non-Professional Free Reviews
Think you can do it on your own? You can, of course, but it will take a long time.
Most bloggers, while they mean well, are simply overwhelmed with requests. Still, these are your best bets for unbiased reviews. But keep in mind it will be at least a month to six weeks before you hear from them and/or get your review. And it may not be something you want posted on your page. Some of them can be pretty brutal in their criticism. You typically won't get an opportunity to review it before it's posted.
Contact the following sites:
Book          Blogger Directory -- a listing of book-reviewing blogs,          organized by genre. You'll need to check each blogger to see if they          are currently accepting requests for reviews. Then, doublecheck to          see if your genre is one each site accepts. Click on the link,          search for Review Guidelines (or words to that effect) and note the          blogger's name, email and (as I said before) genres accepted.          They'll also specify the type of file they want (.mobi. usually --          here's a link to convert your Word file to the .mobi (Kindle)          format: click          here.
         The Book Blogger List          -- another listing of about 200 book reviewers, organized by genre.          Same advice as above.
Below is a sample of the information I sent while trying to get bloggers to review my first book. You'll need to furnish all the information I provided in the sample below, phrasing your query as humbly as you know how.
Keep a spreadsheet of your submissions as well, so you don't inadvertently solicit a review from the same blogger twice.
The conventional wisdom with this approach is that you will only get one review for every 100 bloggers that you contact. I believe the odds can be improved by having a well-written, compelling, SHORT book description included in your query (again, Publisher's Daily Reviews furnishes one free with your review, if you need a good one), and an humble query that just states the facts.
Out of the 70+ free review sites that I contacted for my first book (took me about a month of solid, no-time-spared sitting at my computer to accomplish this task, wading through those willing to take my request in my genre) I got responses from seven. I thought this was pretty good, but I credit my humble, personalized queries for the high "hit" rate. It was still six weeks or more before the first one was posted -- and only three of the seven have actually reviewed it so far. You may have better luck. I hope so. Here's a suggested template, based on the query I used:
Subject Line: A Book Review Request, Please
Dear (first name of primary reviewer):
My name is (your full name). I am sending this email in hopes youâll review my book: (your book title -- include the subtitle as well).
(Book summary -- include your shortest, most concise summary here).
Itâs a (genre) book, as the name implies. It is 76,622 words, or 239 pages (Kindle Edition).
I donât expect the review to be done in any particular time frame. If you can find the time to review it, I think your readers will find it worthwhile. I will be sending the ebook as a PDF, .mobi file, or as an Amazon gift, whichever you prefer. Attached is the cover.
Hereâs a link to my Amazon book page: (cut and paste your Amazon page's link).
Thanks in advance. (Your name)
(Email address)
You can also utilize the five free day promotion offered by Amazon to garner downloads of your book and possibly get Verified Reviews by actual customers. This is not guaranteed -- I got 150 downloads of my "free" book and no Verified Purchase reviews.
But other authors have been more aggressive in promoting their free days and had phenomenal success -- thousands of downloads in a single day.
I'll share some tips on how to "announce" your free days to targeted -- and numerous -- prospective buyers later on.
To qualify for this promotional service from Amazon, you must have checked the KDP Select box at the very top of the Kindle Direct Publishing page where you uploaded your book. If you're not sure whether you did or not, stop right here and doublecheck it. You'll be glad you did.
CAUTIONARY NOTE: You should get at least one positive review before you start the promotion, and place it in the Editorial Reviews section. Best bet for that is from a paid reviewer on the list above.
Try asking for a review from one of Amazon's Top 10,000 Reviewers. Click on their name and -- if they have an email listed -- drop them a note. Who knows? Maybe your "blurb" will catch their attention. And their review will carry additional credibility and weight.
Amazon's Top 10,000 Reviewers

Chapter Four
Review Swaps
These are obtained by carefully perusing the Facebook group pages listed below. It can be a good route to take for a handful of quick reviews.
NOTE: Accessing these sites is best done through a desktop PC. You'll want to have the ability to cut and paste your request and Amazon book link, anyway, and you must join each group first. This can only be done via a desktop connection, and it may take a couple of days before you're accepted into the group so you can post your "blurb" and link.
In responding to swap requests, be aware that you have to read and review their book before they'll review yours, and most are non-fiction. For best results, post a five-star review of their book and they'll probably do the same for you. Some may "forget" to keep up their end of the bargain, however, so you may have to remind them. Keep a list of the author, book title, and Facebook name associated with the request (they're not always posted by the author).
Remember, you must have your own (or your book's) Facebook account to be eligible to participate, and you must ask to join and be accepted by the group before you can ask for -- or respond to -- a review swap.
Most will ask you to PM them before agreeing to do the swap. This stands for Private Message. Click on the posting person's photo or avatar to access this function.
It's a good idea to take a look at the book they want you to review before agreeing to do so. Most of the ones offered for review are about weight loss or cooking, or somesuch highly popular genre, but if you're okay with that, by all means, go ahead and agree to the swap. If you have a long work of fiction, however, your chances for a swap diminish astronomically. Most of the folks in these forums just won't take the time to read it.
By the way, if you're using these groups to promote your book as well, write up your short description, followed by the link to your Amazon product page and have it handy to cut and paste before clicking on each group. Cutting and pasting from your Word document over to the posting box will go a lot faster and (following the format below), will automatically generate your book's cover and the beginning of the description as well (don't ask me how this happens, but if you put your book link last in your message, that's what will happen when you click Post. It's like magic!)
One more thing if you're using these Facebook groups for promotion instead of review swaps: the conventional wisdom is that you should post your book to these forums for at least 90 consecutive days if you want even a few clicks and (hopefully) sales.
TIP: If you're currently using a paid service to promote your book on FaceBook, you can do it yourself for free. Just takes about an hour to cut and paste your book's information.
Okay, as promised, here are the links to the Facebook groups.
Kindle Reviews
KDP Select Authors - Kindle Unlimited Readers
Kindle Book Publishing and Review Exchange
Amazon Kindle Book Reviews
The Fab Friday 99 Cents Promotion Group for Authors
Book Reviews & Promotion & Suggestions
Kindle REVIEW Exchange Group
Amazon Book Reviews
The Book Authors Club
Free Kindle Books and Great Deals
Promote Your Books
Kindle e Books - Free - $2.99
Promote Your Book!
All Things Books
Book Junkie Promotions
The Literary LoungeÂ
Kindle Publishers
2 friends, promote your books with us
Book Promotion
Kindle, Kindle, and Kindle.
Passion for Books
Support An Author
Authors 99¢ e-Books Promotion
Julies Book Review- Reviewers for Authors
Love 2 Read
Amazon Book Clubs
Amazon book and ebook readers
Authors Promoting Authors
Kindle Book Sharing
Book Lovers
Book Reviews & Promotion
Authors, Reviewers, & Book Lovers
Online Book Publicity GroupÂ
Writers and Readers Unite
Amazon Kindle Book Sharing Club
Kindle Krazy!  Authors Actively Seeking Readers
Kindle ...
Kindle Review Exchange 5 Stars
Kindle Free/Cheap Books
Book promotions
And, here's the format I used to easily cut-and-paste into each comments box. Use your own "blurb," or other descriptor:
Four friends battle vicious monsters that are ravaging the country. Their search leads them out West, then to the Southeast, and finally to the nation's capitol, where they must work quickly to avert a disaster with international implications. Fast-paced and exciting, this book examines what can happen when supernatural forces collide with a quartet of determined young people.
(Insert your book's Amazon link).
The nice thing about the sample above, laid out in a two-paragraph format, is that it produces that dandy thumbnail image of your book along with your posting. Try it! Kind of fun.
But, again, this is mainly for book promotion and requesting review swaps -- not soliciting reviews.
Here are more than 75 sites that can help you promote your book or furnish a review. You may need to hunt for the right Submissions tab to find their guidelines, but every site that can help promote your book is one more in your favor. Some require payment or registration before posting. HINT: utilize these sites to get the most downloads during your Free Promotion days on Amazon.
NOTE: Many want to know the exact days your book will be available for free -- and they want to know it a week ahead of the dates.
FINAL CAUTION: Some of these sites charge for mentioning your title, description and link -- but it could be money well-spent. By paying $10 or $20 per site, you're exposing your book to many thousands of potential buyers who might not see the free listing. These sites have extensive email lists or Twitter followers or Facebook "Likes," to whom they will distribute your book's information. Don't take this opportunity lightly, as it could have a very large impact on the ultimate number of downloads on your free days.

Free Books For All
Indie Book of the Day
Book Goodies
Jungle Deals and Steals
Books On the Knob
Book Deal Hunter
Books and Deals
Book Angel
Armadillo Ebooks
EReader News Today
Book Daily
Book Goodies Kids
Digital Books Today
Book Blast
All Books Free
EBook Blitz
Book Pinning
EBook Stage
Book Preview Club
Ask David
EBook Deal of the Day
Free Kindle Books and Tips
It's Write Now
EBook Lister
Black Caviar Book Club
Free EBooks
The EReader Cafe
Awesome Gang
Best EBooks Free
Good Kindles
Free Book Dude
Hunt 4 Freebies
EBooks Habit
Indie Author Land
Every Writer's Resource
The Fussy Librarian
Ignite Your Book
Free Booksy
EBook Soda
Frugal Freebies
Kindle Book Promos
Indie Book Bargains
Many Books
Masquerade Crew
Reading Deals
EBook Booster
New Free Kindle Books
Indies Unlimited
Library Thing
The Mid List
EReader Girl
Your Daily EBooks
Snick's List
Ripley Patton
Land of Children's Books
Story Finds
Story Cartel
Kindle Book Promos
Korner Konnection
Read Cheaply
Reading HUD
Chapter Five
Social Media
You can go this route to let your friends know you've published a great new book. Some of them might even buy it, or re-post your announcement and link.
At least, that's the way it's supposed to work.
I tried posting to my own Facebook group of 90 friends and got one sale and Verified Purchase review. Luckily, it was positive. I gave a free copy of the book to another Facebook "friend" and she wrote me up a fairly good review -- but only gave me three stars! I'd really just as soon she hadn't reviewed it at all. Oh, well. She is a retired high school English teacher, and a real stickler for detail. LOL. With unpaid reviews, you never know what you're going to get.
Still, you might have a thousand friends or followers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. By all means, let them know about your book -- and pray they give you a good review.
I've already told you about the Facebook groups. The other Social Media sites also have groups. I've listed the Twitter groups below, but have not found a way to tweet books for free. Indeed, most of them seem to have a paid service affiliated with them.
Still, many of them claim startling results, so by all means check them out. And, if you find a way to tweet your book for free, let me know via my email: donsloan01@gmail.com, so I can put the information in future editions of this book.
Paid promotion services on Twitter
Here's one that will put your book's brief tagline and URL in front of an estimated 320,000 followers of Twitter platforms specializing in book lovers. It costs $19.99 per month.
There's also a paid promotion service called FreeBooksHub that will blast your book out (once per "donation") to thousands of Twitter or Facebook group viewers. Check their services and prices here.
And, here's another: The Book Promoter may be the Cadillac of promotion services to Social Media. They offer three membership plans during which they claim they track the number of hits your Amazon page receives. Check them out by clicking here.
Here are a few other sites that provide paid tweets:
Like I said, I couldn't find a way to tweet my books for free, but you are welcome to try. Here are the Twitter groups. NOTE: You must have a Twitter account to be able to access these sites. On many of them, you can poke around until you find how much it costs to submit your "blurb" and link. Try clicking on the website listing on their left-hand side.
FINAL NOTE OF WARNING: Don't click Follow on these sites; they'll just clog up your Twitter feed every day (unless you WANT to know what other authors are promoting ï)
Twitter Groups that promote books:
Anthony Wessel
Free eBooksDaily.com
Books OnTheKnob
Free Book Dude
Indie Author Success
Free Kindle Ebooks
Kindle Free Books
Black Heart Ali
Kindle Book Review
FreeKindleBook News
Free Book Dude
Sweeties Picks
Kindle Book Pulse
The Published Author
Free Book Promotions
Book Boost
Book Love
The Review Board
Indie Books
World Literary Cafe
Indie Book Promos
Novel Publicity
Author Tweet Chain
IAN Author Promotion
IndieBook Collective
Avid Reader's Cafe
Tweet Your Books
ANOTHER BONUS TIP (Not Social Media)
Paid Promotions
I admit it: I'm cheap, and don't have much of a marketing budget for my books. As I go forward, however, I'm going to take some of my own good advice found in these pages, and set aside a few hundred dollars to promote my books -- especially on free days.
I once tried BookDaily's one-month promotion and had pretty good results from it.
They send your book's description and link to one or more of their 30 newsletters, exposing you instantly to 50,000+ potential customers. Of those, BookDaily estimates that 5,000 will actually click on your description. They won't guarantee the number of sales from those 5,000 clicks, but I sold 50 in one day.
I will go back to them again one day soon (after I raise the price of my book) and see what happens.
As paid promotion goes, they're fairly inexpensive -- $49 for a one- or two-time blast in one month.
They also post your book on their website.

Chapter Six
Other Books on Self-Promotion
Here are a few books I've found helpful. They're all either free, or inexpensive.
The Book Marketing Bible
Book Marketing is Dead
The Complete EBook Bestseller Formula
How to Make $10,000 Writing and Selling Kindle Books
Kindle Bestseller Secrets
Writing a Kindle Book a Week
How to Sell Fiction on Kindle
Kindle Free Promo Hacks
Amazon Kindle Sales Secrets Exposed
Chapter Seven
Designing your own book cover
I paid $100 to a designer friend of mine to do custom covers for my two fiction books. Then, for my non-fiction book (published under the pen name of Bill Brown), Ten Steps to Stress-free Living, I utilized the how-to guide you can download from the following free website:
It takes a little time to go through the steps he outlines -- you've also got to go to some of the free image websites to find the one you want -- a few are listed below -- and it takes some manipulation to get everything in place before you save it as a PDF file from Word, then convert it to a .jpg file. But the downloaded instructions go into all that.
It took me about two hours to design the Ten Steps cover. You can see it here. I also did the cover for my most recent work of fiction, The DeathBorn. You can see it by clicking here.
I also designed the cover for the book you're reading now. Take a look at it again by clicking here.
Anyway, give it a try, if you're so inclined. It's actually a lot of fun.
Here are a few totally free downloadable image websites:
I must in all fairness warn that most books on book promotion tell you not to do your own cover. But for some titles, I think it's an unnecessary expense, if you can do one on your own.
Chapter Eight
Writing your book's brief description.
When you upload your book to either Amazon or SmashWords, you're going to have to provide a killer description that "gets the click."
Some folks are a natural at this. Others struggle with it.
You'll need to be concise but compelling, putting yourself in your potential reader's shoes. What are they looking for that my book provides? Have I captured the essence of my book? Does it make the potential reader want to know more?
Like I said, it can get tricky.
Here's the "blurb" I used in queries to bloggers for free reviews on my novel, The Sisters.
"In this book, written in the style of Stephen King, two young people on vacation in a small New England seacoast town battle unspeakable horror and solve a 100-year-old mystery. Fourteen Victorian mansions whisper dark secrets among themselves, and a dangerous shadow roams up and down the side, wintry boulevard in search of new prey."
Spooky, eh? Just the effect I wanted. It also leads off my longer description on the book's product page on Amazon.
ANOTHER BONUS HINT: Always, always enter your book description information on your KDP page -- NOT your Author Central Page. The KDP option allows for way more description -- and, if your book is non-fiction (such as a how-to), you can put the entire table of contents in there, to help waffling prospective book buyers.

Chapter Nine
Editing Services
Taking your writing to the next level
Unlike many people who think they have a book in them but never get around to writing it, you have actually written one! You have put in the research, developed your characters and laid out your story.
You are to be congratulated for making it this far but what you do next is probably the most important decision you will ever make â well, when it comes to being an author, that is!
All too often, good books never get to become great books because the next step is completely missed.
Why is that? Perhaps it is because it is not even considered â in which case, shame on you! Maybe it is because the associated expense is hard to justify or even come up with out of your own pocket. Whatever the reason, get over it!
If you are serious about becoming an author you will DEFINITELY want to invest in the services of a copy editor.
Now, you may be thinking, whatâs the big deal? Surely my buddies and family can give it a read and provide me with an âhonestâ opinion?
You may be lucky and have the kind of pals that can be honest with you, but, in reality, who is going to tell you that your book needs more work when they know you and how hard you have been working on it? Who is going to want to burst that bubble?
To be honest, even if they were able to give you a genuinely honest critique, they are unlikely to be in a position to help you to improve your writing â unless, of course, you happen to have a copy editor for a best friend!
Now that I have sold you on the importance of a copy editor, letâs move on to the kind of services they will be able to offer you:
Manuscript Assessment
This involves reading through your manuscript and providing a detailed (and honest) assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. Issues such as viewpoint, tense and sentence structure should be covered; grammatical issues should also be discussed.
Full Edit
This differs from a Manuscript Assessment in that it is a much more thorough editing process. You should expect a copy editor to read through your entire book at least two or three times, providing detailed comments and suggestions for improvements. The best ones tend to work on a chapter by chapter basis, as this is the best way to ensure that each and every chapter is as compelling as the last. You should plan for the whole process to take around 4-6 weeks from beginning to end.
Blurb and Synopsis Writing
Every book needs a blurb and synopsis, and if you are not one of those folks for which this type of thing comes naturally, hiring a copy editor is the best way to go.
Cover Letter Writing
If you have chosen to go with a traditional publisher (and letâs face it, many of us do), you will want to ensure that your submission stands out.
Hiring a copy editor to put one together for you is likely to give you the edge you might be looking for. Or, you may need a professionally written query letter to potential reviewers. Hiring a copy editor will provide that extra measure of credibility you might need.
Now that you know all about the services that a copy editor can provide, we get to the thorny subject of cost. Hiring a copy editor does not need to be expensive, and, in fact, I have found one who offers a very affordable payment plan. Her name is Ingrid Hall. And she is extremely professional and an author herself, so she comes highly recommended!
Here is a link to her website
Payment Options
Aside from charging very reasonable rates for each service offered. Luv2write also offers the following different payment options:
Ongoing Monthly Payment Plan
How this works: Simply set up an account and pay in a regular amount on a weekly or monthly basis. If weekly, it is $6 and monthly, $24. The great thing about doing it this way is that you can build up the credit you need over time, so that you have the money there ready for when you want to pay for a service â- neat, huh?
Single Lump Sum Payment
How this works: you just pay for the services in full as and when you require them and payment can be made via PayPal to make it easier still.
As well as the two options above, because a full edit can take 4-6 weeks to complete, you can also pay for this service in 4 equal installments, with the first installment paid in advance.
All seems pretty fair to me and, like I said, the person you will work with is extremely professional. You can find out more about her here:
Donât let this opportunity to improve your work slide by. Youâve worked too hard up to this point to risk publishing a poorly edited book â only to find criticism about it in reviews, when it is too late to fix the problems!
Give Ingrid a try and she can improve your work exponentially.

Chapter Ten
Last Words
Since this book was only 99 cents, I hope no one will complain that it's so short. After all, it DID have a lot of clickable links.
I have done very well selling and promoting my books. I also wish you the best.
Thanks for downloading my book, and if you liked this book, please leave me a (hopefully positive) review by clicking here and scrolling down to Leave a Review.
If you like horror books, try one of mine! Here's The Sisters. And here's The DeathBorn. And, if you're currently under a lot of stress, try my book (written under the pen name of Bill Brown). It's called Ten Steps to Lowering Your Stress.
Also, please pass the word about my review site PublishersDailyReviews as you blog or communicate with other writers who may be struggling to get positive comments on their book. I'd appreciate it.
Happy Promoting!

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