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Even being fat, with imagination you'll succeed.
"Hurry up man! We are going to miss the bus."


"Yeah! It's already 7:25AM and we are almost late for John's party. There's only one bus to drive us there and it will be at the stop in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we are too far from there. So, shake your fat body and move faster."

"Don't worry bro! I can handle that. Usain Bolt himself cannot defeat me!"

"Are you kidding me? I have to win today's competition."

"I hope there will be enough gamers because not only needed the money to buy gift for your girlfriend, but also need to get back home before your parents see that you have left your little sister sleeping alone at home after you've fed her with too much chocolate. Not good at all!"

"You know what?"


"This is the last time."

Running as fast as they can. Tom and Jeff, two friends, on their way to be part of John's party. One of the most reputed activities during the summer because everybody goes there to prove their talent as video gamer and also because of the prize of the day.

"We only have to turn right in Reunion Street then we will reach our destination. " said Jeff furiously.

Finally, they arrived on place. The driver was closing the door when suddenly he heard a voice shouted out:"Ouch! Stop, I can't breathe, please help! "

The bus stop then the driver got down to see if he hit someone. But nothing!

During that time, the two friends took the advantage of getting on the bus and sat.

"I told you, I have my own tricks if it is about to win a race." Said Tom, enjoying what he did when Jeff himself couldn't understand what happened.

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