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Am I really paranoid?
I like to have structure.
Adolf Hitler liked it too.
Last night I watched one of his speeches
with English subtitles.
He said that "America is in chaos ..
The German people do not tolerate changes.
We are one people and one voice."

That speech could come from a Presidential candidate
today. Did you know most Moslems are Asian?
But, you probably couldn't tell what they believe by looking
at them.
However, if you see an olive skin man with a beard .
You'd probably think he's Moslem or Italian.
I like Borat.

There are people, who think I'm a psycho, a racist,
a sexist. an anti-Semite and a pervert.
I'm not. My mother was Jewish.
I just write automatically, which is .. like dope.
It is liberating.

An example of automatic writing.

A longtime ago, there were a highly advanced race of lizard people.
The dinosaurs walked the Earth and primates had not yet gain dominance.
The lizard people called themselves Annunaki
They had powerful minds that could hypnotize animals.
There knowledge of genetic engineering created a hairless ape slave race of humans.
The Annunaki reptile temperament did not feel compassion for weakness.
They worshiped power. .. Their obsession with mass consumption led to civil war
between rival tribes. Their great empire collapsed and many human tribes escaped
to form their own kingdoms. In these days giants walked the Earth

Questions understanding human behavior.

"So on we worked, and waited for the light.
And went without the meat,
And cursed the bread."
(Richard Cory, The Children of the Night,
by Charles Scribner)

Do you sympathize with the working poor?
Do you only care about yourself?
Do you believe God will solve our problems?


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