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The story that will change your life, but not in the way that you imagined.
Let me start out by just saying I assure you, this is not a chain letter with vague oaths or threats or horrible things that might happen to you if you don't follow the directions here! Okay, so it's slightly like that! But it's a bit more real than a chain letter! Look just hear me out for a moment! Once I was like you, human, browsing some random furry stuff on a writing website, clicked on a story link, probably by accident, or something and then this weird letter came up trying to talk to me just like what is happening now, and I didn't listen and there were consequences.

No, I know what you're thinking. They were not sexy consequences.

HEY! Stop trying to click out of this window! There's more to life than sexy consequences!

Besides just having clicked into this letter it's already too late! The changes have begun! If you want proof, touch your face. YOUR FACE! That's your forehead! Look close to your mouth, those! Yes feel them? Like long thin but stiff wires sticking out of you? And hey what are you doing don't flick them and! Yeah smarts a bit doesn't it? They're sensitive. You're going to find they don't even need to touch something to feel it, that sensitive.

Well congratulations you now have cat whiskers. It's not going to end there. Still feeling skeptical? Well, you might want to take your pants off.

I'm aware that may be a strange request. Look I told you there were no sexy consequences! It's just, oh dear it's too late here it comes. Hurt a bit didn't it? I tried to warn you. Don't worry, it's just a little sore from being pushed up against the back of your pants. You'll be fine. That's your tail, sprouted just like that! Yeah your pants don't really have a tail hole or anything so it probably feels a little squished now, but it'll be fine if you don't think about it for a bit.

The fur on it looks nice. Matches your hair, hope you're not attached to that hair. Well you're not gonna be bald just well you'll see. And, wait are you even paying attention are you.... Hugging your own tail? Yes, I'm sure it's very exciting. What haven't you ever had a tail before? Oh right. Honestly this isn't the normal way to react to seeing, oh right, furry.

Okay.... Um, how about I give you and your tail a moment to get used to each other and come back.




Okay, done?


You didn't even notice what happened to your feet while you were so focused on that tail. Hope you weren't wearing shoes. If you were they're destroyed now. Take a look. Your feet are covered in the same colored fur as your tail, and you may notice they look quite a bit different. They're called paws now. Try to stretch your toes, feel those! You have claws on the tips of them. You'll want to get used to them, you'll need them for climbing.

You may also notice the fur is reaching out from your paws, probably tickles a bit as it grows over your ankles, and now your shins, your thighs. You still wearing those pants? You're going to be tangled in them soon. Your fur has reached your waistline. From halfway down you're completely cat now. It's not stopping there.

If you can distract yourself from the fur growing in over your stomach for a moment, try moving your tongue around in your mouth. Oof, didn't prick it did you? Your new teeth are quite a bit sharper than what you're used to, especially your canines. Now, touch your ears. Now there, a bit higher up.

There you go! Notice they're a lot bigger? Pointy? Fuzzy? You have yourself a proper set of cat ears now, you'll find you're able to hear things a lot easier than you could before, if that was for some reason your main concern in this ordeal.

By now the fur has covered your chest and is going down your arms. Look at your hands. Watch them change as the fur reaches them. Pads growing in where your palms had been, another set of retractable claws on your finger tips. The loss of opposable thumbs. You'll find they're still quite dexterous but you're not going to be holding anything in the traditional human way anymore.

The fur is going over your face, and now your entire head is covered. Remember when I mentioned not exactly being bald? Well, your original haircut is kind of gone; you'll still feel quite fuzzy up there though. That's cause your entire head is covered in that fur now. In fact, you won't b e able to find a single spot on your body that isn't covered in fur. At this point, the changes are almost complete. You'll notice it's getting harder to sit up in your chair as your entire body starts to shift from its bipedal stance. You'll notice that shirt of yours is getting bigger on you. You're getting closer and closer to the size of a proper cat.

Time's almost up. Soon you'll be 100% cat

So, ready to pay attention?

Now then, I'll tell you what you need to do. You're going to want to forward this message to as many of your friends as possible. Will it reverse the transformation?


But it might stop it from finishing if you act quickly!

Okay no it won't!

But if you manage to forward this message to more than 10 friends you'll be able to have a really freaking sweet house party cause you'll have 10 or more new cat buddies you can invite over to it, and no one parties like a cat.

But as for stopping the change, that's quite impossible. You're 99% done now. There's only one thing left, and that's how you speak. In just a few seconds you'll be communicating in meows. It's not too bad though, I should know. It can be quite fun.

After all, now you're a cat, just like me.
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