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A poem about living with depression.
Another Dollar

Here it comes again.
My sanity in question,
The misery
Hardly containable,
Brandished like
A kiss of death
On whatever names itself
My future.

My feet slither
On the wet tarmac
Like a dancer
Without a plan.

Inhaling slowly
I am gasping for air,
Sick to my stomach,
The windows in the street smash
Against my silent screams
Whilst dry, hollow tears
Gather somewhere
In the recesses
Of my eyes.

I am never ready for the
Dawn chorus,
Street Lamps blinking out,
A day blooming
From a dream
Like an ugly moth.

An endless sadistic trail
From morning until dusk;
Another dollar,
The day played on repeat.


The bolded words were required as part of the prompt. This poem was written for "Merit Badge Projects
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