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by catdok
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest · #2049887
Poem for Whispers Of The Soul contest

See my rusty pickup truck
Lonely, lying low
Engine ruined, windows gone
Best days long ago

The truck once wasn't like that
Rusting in the snow
Broken down and brittle
Wheels too flat to go

It wasn't always like this
Once the paint was bright
Glass was in those windows
Headlights gave clear sight

Now I'm afraid that I'm like that
My knees creak when they bend
My body's getting older
It's hard for me to mend

I wasn't always like this
I was strong and fit
Was that really better?
Depends on where you sit

Before I was a father
Children's love I didn't know
Or pride in my young children
While they would learn and grow

Or how to play with grand kids
And make their eyes smile bright
And hug away their fright and fear
When things make noise at night

Back then I was twice as strong
Now I'm twice as smart
Though my strength has grown quite cold
I've grown a warmer heart

And maybe age and rusting
Aren't so bad after all
Maybe growing wise with age
Is growing strong and tall
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