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Rated: 13+ · Essay · Philosophy · #2050282
40k head cannon on the nature of Chaos and the warp deity Slaanesh
Empirical knowledge is but a shadow of the reality that it attempts to describe. In categorising an object it loses its unique qualities that separate it from others of its type. We begin to lose our keen appreciation for the beauty of diversity and individuality. This is particularly true of the entities of the warp. They may follow certain shapes and patterns but no two are ever quite alike. (Even biological twins will differ in their character). Chaos is the true order of the (material and immaterial) universe. This is also true of the practices and modes of worship towards the great powers of the warp. Certainly there are schools that advocate certain philosophies or rituals, but each individual being brings to that school a unique experience of its teachings.

There is no limits to the possible expressions of worshipping Slaanesh, who above all the other deities values experience/sensation. S/he encompasses the entire spectrum of experiential possibilities. S/he is craving and hedonistic abandonment but S/he also transcends these and is freedom beyond the constraints of the flesh. S/he is the realisation of the peak experience of unity with the Warp itself. In taking experience to its furtherest extreme, or an artistic endeavour to the point of perfection, one experiences an awakening to the realisation that there is no duality. No separation. The devotee becomes aware that they were not merely worshipping Slaanesh but are themselves an expression of Slaanesh. Through them Slaanesh is manifest in the material. They become an individual expression of the infinite. A point from which the entire cosmos becomes aware of itself.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2050282