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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2050562
Two sisters struggle to be reunited after a curse rips their world apart.
(NOTE: although I intend for this story as a stand alone it parallels Hera's story in 'An Ordinary Stone' and will continue the narrative after the events of that story)

Lela was suddenly awoken out of a deep sleep by a loud banging. Someone also furiously ringing the front door bell. She could hear her father yelling obscenities from down the hall at whoever had disturbed his rest. She felt a chill terror as she recollected that her sister Hera had been in trouble. Lela rushed out her door into the hallway where she saw her father putting on a robe and muttering curses.

“Lela! go back to bed!” he demanded. She hesitated. Terrified and confused.

At that moment she heard the front door open and one of the kitchen servants gasp.

“Where is she? Where is the girl?” a harsh heavily accented voice yelled. “Where is Hera?”

Her father rushed panicked to Hera’s room as black clad men rushed up the stairs. Lela continued to stare in horror. Her father tried to stop the men, but one held a sword to his throat. “Where is the girl?” the man demanded. He father said nothing but looked in the direction of Hera’s room. More men pushed passed while the first continued to hold the sword to her father’s neck. She could see blood.

Lela watched as the men stormed into her sister’s room. Among them were also two other men dressed in green armour.

“She is not here. Where is she?” one cried out and as the emerged they turned towards Lela. “Is that her?” one pointed.

“That’s not the one” said one of the men in green.

“Please,” her father plead with the men. “Please. My daughters. Don’t hurt them.”

One of the black clad men came towards her. Lela saw his inhuman features under his black hood. His burning red eyes fixed upon her. She wanted to run. To hide and never come out but she could not move. “Where is Hera?” he said in calming voice that somehow made him seem even more horrific. She said nothing too scared of the man. “I will not hurt you. I just want to speak with your sister.”

“I… I d… don’t know sir. P.. please,” she whimpered. She had never been so scared in all her life. She felt her bladder let go. Warm liquid ran down her legs and pooled beneath her feet.

“Leave her alone,” her father demanded in strained voiced.

The inhuman man then turned away from Lela. “Gag him,” he then commanded. “I will question him after. Make sure no one leaves the house. Search every room. I want Hera alive.” Then he turned back to Lela.

He came towards her. Instinctually she jerked backwards in an attempt to flee, but then suddenly she felt as if frozen. Every muscle in her body tensed at the cold sensation that washed over her. She couldn’t move. The man drew closer and placed a scaly hand upon her head.

Suddenly her awareness was withdrawn from her surroundings and all she could see was darkness. She then heard the man’s voice inside of her head. ‘Hera,’ it said echoing through her mind. Images flooded her perception. Her sister reading to her. Her sister walking her through the city to buy a new dress. Her sister telling her how pretty she was. Her sister standing up to their father in her defence. ‘Where is Hera?’ the voice came again. She was then back in Hera’s room combing her thickly curled hair. Hera had seemed so sad and distant after meeting Drosvu. Lela had wondered how awful he must have been to upset her sister so. She saw he father enter and ask to speak with Hera. Lela had known Hera was in some sort of trouble. She had not wanted to leave Hera, but dared not defy her father. The last time she saw Hera was through the door and her sister had looked dejected and her father furious.

‘Where is Hera?’ the voice came again and then she saw her father standing in her doorway. “Hera must not leave her room. Lela, do not go to her.” He left her and she had not defied his orders. At supper Lela looked upon Hera’s door and saw that the latch was locked.

Suddenly she was aware of her surroundings again. The man was speaking, “The girl knows knowing. Bring me the father.”

(Note: I can not publish the full version due to first publishing rights but if you are interested in reviewing the full pdf version please pm me)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2050562