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I wrote this to enter it in a Flash Fiction Challenge
Edward scrunched his face imitating our Grandfather who has been talking to one of his friends from the Country Club for over an hour.
"Oh yes, intelligent children. Edward is starting his first semester at Harvard this fall; Jane hopes to follow in his footsteps after she graduates high school." We politely smiled. Edward turned to face me; he crossed one eye and made his two front teeth prominent while he mouthed "Harvard." I clasped my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.
"Is something funny, Jane?" This is the first time our grandfather has talked directly to either of us since we arrived.
"No, sir, just enjoying the day."
"As you should," His wrinkly friend, Paul, replied "William, let us leave the children. I want to discuss a business opportunity." Paul winked at us as our grandfather rose from his chair and led him away.
"Finally, I thought we would have to listen to every accomplishment we've ever had." We walked towards the man-made lake that runs through the entire golf course, just as we had planned.
"You just wish you were the one talking about them." I smirked.
"At least then it would make sense!"
"How does being vain make sense?"
"I'm not vain just because I know I am amazing."
"Definitely not vain."
"Exactly, I just know my self-worth." I rolled my eyes.
"Don't make me laugh, Edward."
"What! It is true! It isn't my fault that I am awesome." As we got to the edge of the lake I pushed my brother in with all of my strength. When we made eye contact I couldn't contain my laughter. Every weekend our grandfather dragged us to the Club, we were hoping this "stunt," as I am sure he would call it, would end these weekend outings.

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