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Appreciating mother on Mother's Day. Gift ideas are offered to help with celebrating.
Love at first sight: a MOTHER and her child by Mary T. Walker

Without her, FACE it, you wouldn’t be here: your mother. Beyond letting you live, rent-free, in her belly, what else has Mama done for you?
Like most of us, I am sure you can say she was that hand you held before you tried something new. She routed for you even when you didn’t believe in yourself. She was the soothing kiss on the forehead before you slept, and the gentle hand when you got hurt. Without her, you may not have clean clothes for the week or an ironed shirt for that interview. Her home-made meals are what you crave when you’re far away from home too long. She’s the lady your woman has gotta measure up to.
How do you say, ”Thanks, Mom”? After all, there’s a national day set aside to recognize and appreciate the efforts of a matriarch:
What are you planning on doing to show her your appreciation?

If your mom has a job, consider: you were or are her full time job after her paid job is over. How about flowers and/or balloons sent to her place of business? Think it would embarrass her? No way! It is a public display of a grateful child! That is awesome from her perspective.
Speaking of her perspective, think she wants to cook on Mother’s Day? Uh-uh. Now cooking for her may be outside the scope of your ability, but if it is something you can do then prepare a meal. Prepare something SHE likes not what you want for dinner. Along the lines of food, breakfast in bed is always nice (you know the drill: pancakes waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and COFFEE unless she wants tea/juice). Now if you are one of the ones that doesn’t cook or the house will burn down (you know who you are), then go grab something in the morning from a fast food joint to bring to her. Take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant—you can handle a date with mom, right?
If your mom lives in a different city, arrange to have flowers and a box of candy sent. Maybe go the extra mile and also send a separate package with a sentimental picture of the two of you framed (she’ll be reaching for tissue to wipe away the tears of joy, believe me). Include her favorite chocolates (with nuts or without, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, white chocolate) or candy (tootsie rolls, hard caramel melts, jolly ranchers, sweet tarts, etc.).

At the very least, get a card that says Happy Mother’s Day on it and give it to her ON TIME. If you can’t think of something sentimental to write, that’s what Hallmark and similar companies are for—read the cards to find the one that speaks to you about her. Sign it with “love,” before your name and maybe include some XOXO’s.

Remember, folks, she hasn’t charged you for unpaid rent for belly living, so say thanks.

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