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To be a feared dictator, this is the recommended first step.
Everyone wants to change the world, or so they say. But, I think everyone wants to run the world. From every individual's perspective they have the best take on how to make the world better...at least better for the person running the world.
Of course it is difficult to move from every day citizen of a great, big world to the ultimate World Ruler. However, if you are serious about taking on this challenge, I would like to point out the essential mixture for a successful fascist: fear-inspiring power spiked with an incredible case of Narcissism.
You got to start somewhere. How about the first facet: inspiring fear?

I propose getting a Funny Hat to inspire fear. It may sound counter-intuitive that a weird hat would inspire fear instead of laughter but, consider THE FUNNY HAT EFFECT:
 Kings that wear their bling on spiky hats called crowns. With those sparkly per-cursors to the neon sign they run countries.
 The Pope and his puffy hat that should be visible from space. Nobody is laughing at him-no, rather they are reverently hoping for his blessing.
 Napoleon and a hat that looked like a toddler's bath boat toy.
 The KKK certainly inspire fear even though they are a pack of people dressed as pointy headed ghosts. And, yet, the fear...
 Conquerors from space portrayed with elaborate hats or bald, trouncing the streets among frightened masses of mere humans.

Now, this isn't a hard and fast rule. There are exceptions to the funny hat. Fearsome persons may take a different approach to the funny side of fear invoking:
 Hitler and his mustache, for instance.
 Lex Luthor and his shiny bald head--fictional but it freaked out the Superman fans.
 Santa Claus inspires obedience and good behavior in children with his red frumpy hat, and the poofy white beard—double power!

Facial hair or the lack thereof can be a stand-in for or an accompaniment to the funny hat (just look at the uni-bomber).

I know, I know, none of these examples were rulers of the world, per se. But if you are going to start somewhere with your climb to the top, I'd suggest constructing something outlandish to wear atop your head unabashedly in public while spreading your propaganda or doing something interesting with the hair on your head, over your lip, or on your chin. Wear the look confidently, and expect its awe-inspiring visage to be carved with care on the statutes of you in your future.
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