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It`s a love story novel.Pure love story.
I love you!
You say,“Do you love me?”
I say,“Yes.Of course!”

Kaori is very cute girl.
She is a high school student.

Kaori likes a short cake.And,she has a beautiful mind.

English is very difficult.

Kenji is very smart boy.
They love each other!

This story is a short story.
So,I`m tired.

That`s right!
What`s up?

What`s new?
Are you all right?

Kaori say,“Are you angry?”
“No,I`m a genius!”
Kaori think Kenji is stupid.

They play an amusement park.
They enjoy now all the time.
My English is OK?

If you find a mistake,you think I`m lucky.
Do you consider?

What a joke!

They play all day.

They are happy.
Kaori say,“I love you!”
“Me too.”
“I love you!!!”
They burst out laughing!

World is happy so much.
They are happy ending!
Thank you!

And,story isn`t a last!
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