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A book of poems added to the book ' On a journey with WDC and me.'

"Where the Petals Fall"

Mary Ann McPhedran

©Mary McPhedran2015

No part of this book shall be copied or removed without asking the author.

Chapter 1
Distant Clouds

Distant clouds go rolling by
Away up in the sky
The hills are far down below
Where trees stand and rivers flow
Little houses dotted all around
And people live on the ground
With busy lives they rush to and fro
Children playing beneath sunshine's glow
Where beauty pleases the naked eye
and disttant clouds go rolling by.

Chapter 2 For My Love Will Never Die

The night we met when my brother introduced you
You wore a darks suit and buckle shoes.
I fell in love with you at first sight
And agreed to meet you the following night.
I introduced you to our local dance hall
Where we rock and rolled and had a ball
We would meet in Glasgow on a Saturday night
Where in the flicks you held me tight
All the jive clubs we sampled with joy
And danced to the tune Oh Boy.
Then came the day we tied the knot

Had a few kids quite a lot
The grandkids came along too
Followed by great grandkids quite a few.
Now the good Lord has taken you home
And left me here all alone
Because I miss you I break down and cry
My love for you will never die.

Chapter 3
I'm Not Wild But I Like To Drive.

I'm not wild but I like to drive fast
I choose my car so I'm noticed as I pass
A sporty little number with the hood wound down
With the wind in my hair I drive around town
I travel all day doing the speed that I can

Making sure I don't upset mister policeman.
Chapter 4

Forgotten Valley

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Down in the valley where the people are gone
A sleepy town still lives on
Where once before a busy place
And a working men with honest taste.
Now a empty town with no working mine
And seems to stand still back in time.
An old farm truck outside on the road
Someone's home someone's abode
Surrounded with tall pine trees
With hills that the eye can please
A place where one calls home in Gods creative scenery.

Chapter 5

Sunshine and Showers.

Sunshine in the garden and plant buds show
A little drop of rain will help them grow
Colour's on the flower bed
Glisten rain drops on each blossoms head.
And when the sun begins to glow
Once again the blooms are on show.

Chapter 6
At The Break of Dawn

In the morning when I awake
My writing I'm ready to create
The words are running wild inside my head
Like a small child I leap from my bed.
Imagery and the words are set free
As I tap away on the computer key
Ideas are beginning to take shape
And a poem I create.

Chapter 7
The break of Dawn2

In the morning at the break of dawn
A colourful sky where clouds float on and on
Golden sunburst on a dark blue sea
Reflecting colour in every way
magnifies scenery across the bay
Gods creation of a beautiful day

Chapter 8


Father you were the best
God put your feelings to the test.
On your wedding day you made an oath
A wife and a child to love them both
For a few years you had such fun
Then all of a sudden you were left with one
It wasn't long before you became sick too
and that little child on she grew
She remembers you when she prays
Father, I love you dear
And though your not around to hear

Chapter 9
Beauty is My Dream.

I'm just a little girl
I can dance and give you a twirl
And my dream is to go
On the catwalk show
I blow dry
And sample all my mummy's creams
On my favourite pillow I lay and dream
One day I will be a beauty queen. my hair
Before I go anywhere

Chapter 10
Lord I'm up the stair

Lord each step I have to climb
The task I serve with you in mind
This long road turns and wind's
ch day
With words I speak when I pray

reach the top I'm

To reach the top

you each day
With words I speak when I pray

I'm just a little girl
I can dance and give you a twirl
And my dream is to go
On the catwalk show
I blow dry
And sample all my mummy's creams
On my favourite pillow I lay and dream
One day I will be a beauty queen. my hair
Before I go anywhere

Chapter 10
Lord I'm up the stair

Lord each step I have to climb
The task I serve with you in mind
This long road turns and wind's
ch day
With words I speak when I pray

reach the top I'm

To reach the top

you each day
With words I speak when I pray

nearly the

To reach the top is such a long way
But I try to reach you each day
With words I speak when I pray
Oh Lord please hear mch day
With words I speak when I pray

reach the top I'm nearly the

y prayer

reach the top I'm nearly the

Chapter 10

For the memories I have of you

Granny the love we shared too

Happy the times we share together

Granny I will always love you.

         By Mary Ann MCPhedran
The little blue flower is on display
And in the flower bed it's very pretty
And when I view them in my lite plot
I often wonder why it's called For-get- me-not

I often wonder why it's called For-get- me-not



Chapter 12
Sunshine Days

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

The tree stands tall in the morning light
And through the branches peeps the sunlight
Its warm rays sparkle on the leaves
And they gentle rustle from the breeze
A splash of colour glistening bright
In the shade of the forest a wondrous sight.

Chapter 13

Summer Days

Summer days and leisure hours
In the garden I roam around the flowers
Winding my time away
On a lazy sunshine day.
And that silly old ant
Munches a leaf on my plant
The bumble bee
Is buzzing by the apple tree
Cool drinks on a tray
Is How I like to spend my summer day

Chapter 14

We Must Take Care

As white as snow you swam to and fro
Up and down stream would go
Feathers beautiful and white
Now are black as night
Your feather's all sticky and thick
As you swim amongst the oil slick
Oil merchant's take better care
Suffering wild life be aware.

Chapter 15
My Spirit Free To Wander
From this world, I had to go
But I'm still around although you do not know
my spirit was set free
No power within for you to see
I'm the orange glow from the sun up in the sky
And sit on the clouds as they float by
As you walk alone on the beach
I walk beside you although there's no foot print from my feet
Free to wander wherever you be
The Lord has set my spirit free.

Chapter 16

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

I have reached the stage and you can call me old
But it has it's vantages, and I can be bold
Wear loud coloured clothes when I dress
Chat at the corner of the street
And I don't need to know who ever I meet
But during the long winter nights
Too cold to walk and take in the sights
So nothing left but to go to my bed
Read a book before I lay down my head.

Chapter 17
A Walk Around the Garden

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

This is my retirement
I'm no longer in employment
And I seek find enjoyment in my leisure days
I walk around the gardens and look at the flowers on display
The rose garden has many blooms and colour explodes
As I breathe their fragrance through my nose
There are other blooms to view
And I sit to admire them too
I walk around the garden seeking pleasure
On my retirement days of leisure.

Snow falling at night
In the morning a pretty sight
On the ground all crisp and bright
No footsteps have trodden on a white covered greenery
A pretty creative Christmas card scenery.

Chapter 19
Christmas time in Cyprus.

A walk along the beach on Christmas day
The wind is a gentle breeze
The sea waves are lapping on this Cyprus shore
As I wade in the shallow water with my daughter beside me
A little walk to the cafe
By the orange and the lemon tree
A little sunshine on my face
And a gentle reminder why I'm there
To celebrate the birth of Jesus with family.

Chapter 20
What is This Beauty I See

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

What is this beauty I see
As I walk along the river bank and stand by this old tree
Mother nature has created a beautiful sight
Blue sky above and the sun shines bright
The sun glistening on the river bed
And I gaze in wonder and shake my head
The gentle sound and movement from the distant trees
This creative beauty astound me
Singing birds in the quietness
On this beauty spot they nest.

Chapter 21
A message From Above

The storm was crashing all through the town
Uprooting everything around
And trees came tumbling down
Damageing everything in their way
On this stormy winter day
Then the calm came at last
And the storm winds did pass
A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky
And a colourfull atmosphere applies
The storm has settled down
And peace returns to the town
The rainbow appeared from above
A message from God with eternal love.

Chapter 22
Full Moon on Halloween Night

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Children don't trick or treat tonight
Because a full moon is shining bright
Anything can happen out there
Take my advice and be aware.
The say the dead from the grave walk about
And it's the witches on broomsticks night out
So my children stay inside and celebrate
Your Halloween party till late.

Chapter 23
Autumn Leaves

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Autumn Is the season I like best
It's the just before the plants begin to rest.
The leaves are a pretty colour amber and brown
To the ground they come tumbleing down and down
And children frolick and throw them around.
The branches are soon to be bare
No greenery to be seen anywhere
Mother nature knows what's best
It's time for the ground to have a rest.

Chapter 24

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

There are many reasons to give a rose
A romantic gesture to propose
The memory of someone you treasure
Your love you cannot measure.
A rose of many colours
To grow and give to others.
To three I'm a mother
And they also have a brother
Who sometimes feels

they are a thorn in his side
But he has a lovely bride
And I call her my rose too
All these roses I have for you
But my lover has gone to rest
And our blooms are still looking their best
Such pretty blooms we nurtured them all
Now you lay where no shadows fall
This love and roses we give to you are treasured by us all.

Chapter 25
I'm Sad

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Little dog you look so sad
Have you been a little bad
If I walk with you and play
Will that brighten Up your day
Or do want your dinner
I think you look a little thinner
Let's go for a run
Come on boy have some fun.

Chapter 26
The Forest

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

In the woods where we would play
On a bright sunny day
On a rope we swung on the tree
All the gang and you me
Bramble tree's were full and thick
We ate the berries until we were sick
The birds sang chirped all day
Gaurding their chicks while we played
In a jam jar we trapped the honey bee
Counting them before setting them free
Tall green trees that reach the sky
We had such fun you and I

Chapter 28

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Friday is a special day
At the factory it's pay day
All the others have come and went
And in my pocket all my money was spent
Can't wait to have money to spend
Pay back the money mum had to lend
The clock is ticking and soon to escape
Through the factory gate
Tonight I'm going dancing and I'll be home late.
When the clock strikes nine I'm meeting Ted
He has eyes that say 'come to bed? '
But there will be no hanky panky with me.
Because in this relationship I don't want three.

Mary Ann MCPhedran
It's November and it that old bofire night again
We will gather trees and hope it won't rain
I will make a guy and beg for coppers from the people passing by
Fireworks and sparklers we will buy for you and me
Taties wrapped in foil
So they canny spoil
To eat on bon fire night
Have a good time and be brave
But most of all BE SAFE.

Chapter 30
Magic Moment Across the field.

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

This magical moment cannot last
The mist and the view sets the scenery's cast
The picture forms a creative look
Just like a fairytail in a story book
The tree stands in the field with the fog swirling around
The rustle from leaves has an eerie sound
I gaze across at this this creation
And the beauty is amazing

chapter 31
When The Sun Goes Down

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

In Cyprus at the end of the day in my night gown
I watch from my balcony the sun go down
The orange sky reflects on the sea below
A radient picture creates a bright glow
The clouds peep through this magical display
As I watch them float by at the end of the day

Chapter 32
I Miss You Every Day

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

How many times can I say
I miss you as I pray
At the cemetery by your headstone
Because I am left alone.
As I close my eyes at night
Before I put out the light
I ask the lord to hear my prayer
To look after you because I'm not there
But I know you're happy too
It's my way of saying I miss you
Every moment of the day you are always in my mind
I think of all the happy times and the love we did find
Together we grew old and watched our children grow too
All there is left for me to say
I miss you every day.

Chapter 33
This lost feeling

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Just stalling on this lonesome highway
Life has never been the same since you went away
There are times when I'm up and then I'm down
You were my friend and partner in life
For half a century I was your wife
I play your music I sing your song
And then I realise you have gone
And somehow this feeling will pass on

Chapter 34
A Visit To The Cemetry

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

A visit to the cemetery
Where you were laid yesterday
And although your prayers you cannot say
At your grave we kneel and pray.

Chapter 35
A Peaceful Moment By the River=

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

A walk along this river bank I go
And all around wild grass grows
The gentle flow of the current bellow
A peaceful look from the suns glow
And chugging sounds from passing boats
And little insects down stream float
Elegantly the swans know what's best
She leads her chicks to where they nest
The clouds float by up in the sky
And trees gently sway
In an autumn wind of the day
A moment of peace comes my way.

Chapter 36
Rugby Game

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Come to Scotland to see the rugby game
The Scots playing at home.
There selling the rosettes in Princess Street
And you never know who you may meet Muhrayfield park in her favourite seat
Princess Ann in her Scottish gear
'Come on Scotland she will cheer.'

Chapter 37
What A Beauty

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

This Yellow rose how well you have grown
In the flower bed your beauty is shown
The aroma from your tight budded head
A velvet touch on your branch you spread
A beautiful sight
sparkling petals in the sunlight
The bumble bees gently explore your taste
On the your petals they perch with grace
In the garden you're specially groomed
What a beauty! The gardener's prize bloom..

Chapter 38
Adventure course

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

I was chosen, and no one would take her from me and I was left with the task to partner the student that no other person on the course would volunteer to, partner, in the canoeing event on Lake Windermere, a two people sailing vessel event.
I was on the adventure course with a few special need students, but because of their disability the instructor thought it better if he took charge and they joined him on his boat.
I tried to partner her with Betty, she replied
'No way she will have in the water and anyway I have arranged to partner Joan. '
I tried to partner her again with several other students, but no they also refused to join her on the lake.
Dressed in waterproof suits and a life jacket below the coat we entered t he mini bus and drove to the starting point and began to set our canoes into the water to begin our sail. The instructor began to demonstrate how to use the paddle, and then he took the lead. At first I thought what are they moaning about this poor girl she is doing fine. But all of a sudden half way down the course she seemed to change and was using the paddle wrong and the canoe was going in to the side instead of staying in the middle of the lake. The vessel was leaving the rest of the group. I tried to instruct her as to what she should be doing with the paddle, but it was too late we strayed into the bank amongst the trees and we were caught on a twig. The student leaned over and tried to free us, WHOOSH! We were in the water! and it was icy and very cold.
I'm not a swimmer and I was afraid.
'I haven't another tee shirt.' She said , her teeth chattering.
I wasn't caring about her tee shirt, because I was petrified and was hanging on to the vessel when the instructor called to us
'Don't panic pull the canoe out from the reeds.' And we gave it one tug and it was free. He then began to instruct us again.
'Now float away from the side.' And as we did he said
'Stand up ?' And we followed his instructions and realised the water was only two feet, and I felt such fool, but was relieved.
He then ordered us back into the canoe and I didn't want to, but he insisted.
There we were, going down the middle again with the others. The sail was going fine, and again she began to do bazar things with the paddle.
'Now look here get a grip of yourself I don't want to go back in the water.'
I shouted at her and then felt guilty.
We managed to finish the course, and I was ever so glad to see us at the finishing point. I climbed out of the canoe and went straight to the van and fetched two tee shirts and the rest of my dry clothes. I gave the girl one of the tee shirts. We showered and with fresh clothes on ready for supper.
The other students who refused to partner her came to me and said
'Told you so.' And I felt sorry for the student.
On Monday back at the college one of the teachers, who had the student in her class came to me and said.
'I heard about the caning and how you were shouting at my student.'
I explained that my shouting at her brought her to her senses, and I was petrified that she may capsize the vessel again and I didn't want to go back into the water. I have never been on a boat or a canoe since that day, and I never want to.

Chapter 39
Time To Myself.

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

When will I get the time
To have a few hours and call them mine
Too busy doing chores
Cleaning and washing floors.
I wait until I'm home alone
And then I switch off the phone
Into the bathroom and lock the door
Fill the bath,lots of bubbles and add some more
Test the water its just fine
Ahh me ti

Chapter 40
Enchantment .

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

An early walk through the town
A blanket of fog is all around
I step at a slower pace and I can hardly see
And the mist is swirling in front of me
The view from the embankment
Has this feeling of enchantment
The water lapping has an eerie sound
And I continue on my journey bound

Chapter 42
Nature Sweet

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

An Avenue of trees
In the warm breeze
I hear the rustle of the leaves
And the lark flies high
She sings so sweet in the sky
While fluffy clouds go drifting by
The fragrance from the morning dew
With the scent from the wild flowers too
A carpet of greenery beneath my feet
I walk in this scenery its air so sweet.

Chapter 43
Christmas Time

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Christmas Time
Hooray it will soon be Christmas day
Santa's polishing his sleigh
The elves are busy making toys
For excited little girls and boys
The schools are joining in the act
And the concert hall is fully packed
Parents' wait for the play to start
To see their children perform their part
In the evening carrolers sing
And churches are full to the brim
To celebrate a special morn
On this day baby Jesus was born.

Chapter 45
Today a king is born

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Today you have been turned away
No rooms at the inn this day
A star shines bright
Over a little boy born this night
Wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger
To seek this child come three strangers
Bearing gifts and adoration
Angels choir's above are praising
A mother's boy her pride and joy
To take on a fearful task this boy king
Is sent to free this world from sin

Chapter 47
The Dark of Night

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

As darkness falls and there's still some light
A change takes place from bright sunlight
Shadows form and fear performs in scary places
Moonlight nights light up bright romantic embraces
Darkness falls and on distant shores and creates blackened sea
Fear and terror in mind and body can the spell of darkness be
A welcome sight when light's dawning
exchanges places when the sun comes up in the morning.

Chapter 48
piece and breath taking Views

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

This place of beauty I walk without you
Undisturbed peace and breath taking views

Chapter 49
In life you were a Rose

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

In life we were partners close
We nurtured life just like a Rose
Yellow and bright
Like the sunlight
This rose no longer can we groom
But in heaven you forever bloom.

Chapter 52
Raining In the garden

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Pita pata on the window pane
Down comes the rain again
The daisies in the garden
have closed their buds tight
The flowers in their beds are drenched
And their thirsts been fully quenched
But after rain there's a rainbow's in sight Lighting up the garden bright

Chapter 53
Shall We Dance

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

In the forest I like walk
To listen to the birds and the bees
And sometimes talk.
The leaves on the trees are very green
Winding together like a pair of dancing queens
All in the forest is not what it seems
As I take a walk and follow my dreams

Chapter 54
What Will Valentine Day Bring.

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

What will valentine mean to me
My mind goes back to what it used to be
When I was a girl and you a boy
And life was full of joy.
The postman had such a task
Delivering all the cards from the first last
And if my card was not delivered to my door
My anger came out like a lions roar.
I posted yours in plenty of time
Its only natural I expected mine
But when it came through the letterbox
It was displayed for all to see next to the clock
But now I live all alone
And where you are you can't deliver to my home
But I will place one by your grave stone
Forever you will be my valentine.

Chapter 57
Sharing the Sunshine Shade

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

In the summer the flowers on show
Just to rest from the sun lights glow
Kinder to the your health
To share the shade where wild flowers dwell.

Chapter 58
The Dream

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

If only I could sit and dream
And the world was not as it seems
Under the shade of an old tree
And let my mind run free
No interruptions from passers by
No noise from planes up in the sky
peace just perfect peace
Away from this busy life I lead.

Chapter 59
The Visitor

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

A little Wren appeared outside my front door
And I know it wasn't there before
In and out the hedgerow
Flying to and fro
She sang whistled such a pretty song
I could have watched her all day long
But I chided myself to say
I'm a busy housewife ,and I have bills to pay
I can't stand and watch you all day
But as I was going about my way
I noticed she was flying with twigs in her beak
She was building her nest for somewhere to sleep
Hip hip hooray
My little visitor is here to stay.

Chapter 60
A Blanket of snow

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

The snow flakes are falling down
And everywhere is white on the ground
And its clinging to the trees
Swirling in the breeze
A carpet crisp and bright
A magical sight
on a moonlight night.

Chapter 61
Chap.3 The Adventures of a snowman

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Sadie went towards the window to see who was tapping, and a voice said
'Come on Sadie, come and play?
'Your a snowman how can you play?'
' Because when you wished you could play in the moonlight with me, I can grant you that wish. So come on and play?
She ran down stairs and put on her snow boots, scarf, gloves and hat, and went out the door. She did look funny in her dressing gown and snow boots.
Sadie was astonished to see the snowman move around.
'You can walk!' She said and he replied
Of course I can I'm from the north pole and I'm only here for a short while so come and meet my friends. Mr Rabbit hopped up to the snowman, and then came a reindeer.
Santa will be looking for you.' She said
' No he is sleeping, and I often come here when he is asleep.' And she turned to the rabbit and said,
You're not in this season, you're more popular at Easter.
'No I'm usually sleeping ,but I heard Mr Snowman was coming to town so I came to say hello.
The little group chatted in the moonlight for a while in the back yard
until the moon began to fade, and Mr Snowman, said.
'Time to stop ,Sadie go back to bed, and Mr Rabbit go home to your family.'
'And I better be going back to the North Pole before Santa wakens.' Said the reindeer.
Sadie took one last look out of the window and she waved goodbye and she saw the snowman wink. As she climbed into bed she whispered good night.
In the morning John was first to waken
'The Snowman's gone and all the snow.'
'Mr Snowman has gone to the North Pole with Santa's reindeer.' Said Sadie. John looked at her and said
'You have been dreaming.'
But Sadie knew she had a secret to keep and answered
'Perhaps I have.'

Chapter 62
Marilyn Munro

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

I would like to be Marilyn Munro
A picture on the billboards my face I would show
And I would be every mans desire
And when around me their loins would be on fire
The paperapsy would follow me where ever I go
Oh How I wish I was Marline Munro

Chapter 63
February Time to Prepare For Spring

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

January is over and the garden needs to be tidied up, because in February It's time to prepare your garden for next years produce. The flower beds need to be tended to, and new compost mixed with the soil. Rose trees to be pruned and feed around the roots.
Seed potatoes to be planted in February, on the flowerbeds some shoots are beginning to peep through and soon they will be blooming.
In February in the fields the farmers will plough the ground ready to sow their seeds for their crops.
The birds are building nests and soon you will hear them sing. It's time to prepare for spring.

Chapter 64
Mr. Bunny

By Mary Ann MCPhedran

Mister bunny you do look very hot
Because you run around and always on the hop
Your baby's all depend on you and you never stop
The flowers are very beautiful you have found the perfect spot
To lay and have a little rest out the hot rays of the sun
And you will soon be able to play again with your little one's

Chapter 65
These Fallen leaves

These fallen leaves outside my door.
Swirling around up and up down and down
They fall and lay like a carpet on the ground.
Children's laughter throwing them around
Pretty colours reds and amber, yellow and brown
Now the tree are standing bare
And the leaves are blowing everywhere

Chapter 66
Bitter Sweet

The love we shared was oh so sweet
But we would quarrel whenever we meet
And whatever was bothering you would spoil our day
For you eventually walked away
There were many times I begged you to stay
Next day you knocked on mother's door
Then everything was the same as before
Came the day when wedding bells chimed
I was yours and you were mine.

Christmas time in Cyprus.
By Mary Ann MCPhedran

A walk along the beach on Christmas day
The wind is a gentle breeze
The sea waves are lapping on this Cyprus shore
As I wade in the shallow water with my daughter beside me1

A little walk to the cafe
By the orange and the lemon tree
A little sunshine on my face
And a gentle reminder why I'm there
To celebrate the birt

You're a flower of Scotland
A thistle or a jaggy nettle
Names you have declared
You are the gardeners nightmare
A weed they decide
Then they toss you aside
But it's been said
Your beauty you spread
With your purple head
In the fields among the heather
Your my flower of Scotland

You're a flower of Scotland
A thistle or a jaggy nettle
Names you have declared
You are the gardeners nightmare
A weed they decide
Then they toss you aside
But it's been said
Your beauty you spread
With your purple head

the fields among the heather
Your my flower of Scotland

h of Jesus w

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