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Can you think of 100 different uses for a pencil? A challenge for Coffee Shop Discussions
100 uses for a pencil

1) Writing stuff down
2) Drawing stuff
3) Stirring tea/coffee
4) Poking the tobacco in the end of a cigarette
5) Wrap wool/cotton/twine around like a cotton reel
6) Making a hole in a bit of cardboard (must be sharp)
7) Winding the tape back in a cassette tape
8) Making a hole in a pot of soil to put the seedling in without getting fingers dirty
9) Rubbing stuff out (must have a rubber on the end)
10)Turning off the light when you are in bed and can almost but cannot quite reach the light switch
11) Making a hole in a belt bigger
12) Unpicking stitches
13) As a stick in an impromptu game of “pick up stix”
14) As a ladder for a slug/snail
15) Tie to a seedling to support it
16) For a hamster to chew on (remove lead)
17) To attach wheels to when making a small toy car
18) Put between the spokes of your bike to make a clicky sound
19) Put cotton wool on the end and use as an ear bud
20) Put a marshmallow on the end and toast it on the bonfire
21) Use it to scrape out eyeliner that has got stuck in the sharpener
22) Use it to light a fire if you have no kindling
23) Use instead of ice lolly sticks to make lollies
24) Put in your pony tail as a cool accessory
25) Use to jamb open a door or window
26) Tap on a door or window with it to get someone’s attention
27) Throw it at someone to display annoyance
28) Clean under your nails with it
29) Use it as a drum stick
30) Use it as a guitar strummer
31) Plug up a hole in a radiator
32) Use it to measure something
33) Play with it when you feel anxious
34) Give it a polystyrene ball head and make a stick dolly
35) Poke the stuffing back in the hole of a teddy before sewing it up
36) To entertain a cat as a toy
37) Make a spinning top out of it
38) A substitute for betting chips when playing a card game
39) Scratch an itch with it
40) Feeding a shoelace in to an eyelet
41) Use it as a pointer when doing a presentation
42) Use to knit with if you can’t find knitting needles
43) Stab the plastic lid of a microwave meal with it before cooking
44) Use it to mark the place treasure is buried
45) Sharpen it until it is small then hang on a chain as a quirky pendant
46) Part hair with it
47) Use as a bookmark
48) Dial the numbers on an old fashioned telephone with it
49) Cover in chocolate and give to someone as a joke
50) Use as a stick for candy floss
51) Crack an egg with it
52) Use as chopsticks
53) Make a perch for a canary with it
54) Use as a curtain rail for a dolls house
55) Glue lots together and make a tree house for bees
56) Wrap and tie strands of hair around to curl it
57) A flagpole for a sand castle
58) Play pooh sticks
59) Drop in to a well to calculate how deep it is
60) Stab an enemy with it
61) Use as an object in “The Memory Game”
62) Make a Christmas tree hanging decoration from one
63) Use as a magic wand for a magic show
64) A splint for a broken finger
65) A stick for a candy apple
66) Dip the end in lighter fluid and use as a torch
67) Use the shavings as bedding for a mouse or rat
68) A conductor could use it to conduct the orchestra
69) Use to make the sail on a toy sailboat
70) Use the end to spread glue on something
71) Gigantic cocktail sticks
72) Hollow it out and hide something inside it
73) Use for a wall hanging
74) Use to swirl the material about when dying clothes
75) Carve the end and make a stamp for sealing wax
76) Use two to pick something up when you don’t want your fingerprints showing up on it
77) Slice a cake or sandwich with it
78) Hang a puppet from one
79) Use 4 to make a noughts and crosses board
80) Make a cross for a pet’s grave
81) Use the edge to draw a straight line as a ruler
82) For getting the last of the moisturiser out of the bottle
83) Roll out modelling clay
84) Open a letter with it
85) Hold an egg with it whilst decorating it for Easter
86) Chop coloured ones in to bits and make a mosaic with them
87) Paint a still life picture of it
88) Score paper with the sharp point of one
89) Use to mark out a pattern on fabric
90) As a spinner
91) Unblock a plughole with it
92) Play “fetch” with a small dog
93) Pop a blister with it
94) Use it to stir paint that has separated
95) Poke things from out of under the bed with it
96) Use the end to reset the smoke alarm
97) Pop balloons after a party
98) Scratch the silver foil off a scratch card
99)Use as a kebab skewer on the BBQ
100) Use as a tent peg when camping

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