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Some interesting facts and a poem

Charlie Chaplan movies for company Mutual

The Floorwalker

The Fireman

The Vagabound

One A.M.

The Count

The Pawnshop

Behind The Screen

The Rink

Easy Street

The Cure

The Immigrant

The Adventurer

The Tramp

Wondering soul among the streets,

A slap, a hit, for all to see.

In the likeness of Hitler you will see,

Could have been the downfall of his demise.

Laughter rings true all around,

Especially when you stumble down.

Charlie has been in all forms of life,

Poor, streets, with animal delight.

Laugh, cry, joy all around,

In the life of the vagabound.

A free spirit who knows no bounds,

Always there to bring laughter round.

Despite popularity among the common folk,

Those elites had a different view.

Judgement of character did not keep him,

Ignoring the restrictions he continued to be

The man we all know, Charlie.

The Pawnshop title grabbed my eye because I like to watch Pawnstars and was curious as to comparing both to see how it was back in Charlie’s time period compared to now. The pawnshop in Charlie’s time is much more simple and smaller than the current version which is much bigger with more variety of items. Charlie works at the pawnshop and starts his day off being late and continues on his day in slapstick routines with people working in the shop. One customer posing as a jewelery buyer, tried to rob the place; Charlie saves the day when he disarms the criminal. This does remind me of the type of comedy the Three Stooges performs.

The First National Years

A Dog’s Life

The Bond

Shoulder Arms


A Day’s Pleasure

The Kid

The Idle Class

Pay Day

The Pilgrim


How To Make Movies


The Professor

Nice and Friendly

A Dog’s Life was the first film in the First National Years. Charlie plays opposite his co-star who is Scraps a dog who is a hero in the movie. He helps Charlie and Edna live a better life. My favourite part is when Charlie and Scraps meet for the first time, it is a cute and I like how from that moment on the dog is his best friend.

During his First National years, Chaplin made a trip to Europe and it was all recorded in the book he later wrote called "My Wonderful Visit" or "My Trip Abroad".

United Artists is an American film and television entertainment company. The original studio using the name "United Artists" was founded in 1919 by D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks, with the intention of controlling their own interests rather than depending upon the powerful commercial studios.

A Woman of Paris

The Goldrush

The Circus

City Lights

Modern Times

The Great Dictator

Monsieur Verdoux


Charlie was deported from the United States at this time because he was accused of being a communist. He did not return to the U.S. until 1972, when he made a brief visit, making an appearance at the Academy Awards.

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