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by Ayse
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A story about a jealous boyfriend who turns out gay. (Inspired by a random word generator)
From jealous to gay in a heartbeat
The lovesick murderer was following his beautiful girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, because he has been messaging the murderers girlfriend again. As he found out, he wasn't happy at all. He immediately finds out where he lives and follows him. When he enters the woman stealing bastards home, he enters the elevator and finds the man there. He accusses the man of stealing his girlfriend and that he should leave her alone and it ends in a fistfight. As they reach the 6th floor, where the man has to go out, they step out, totally out of breath.
Once out, the man finally admitts that he is gay and just apologized to the murderers girlfriend for being an ass when they were together. The murderer found this really sweet and they went into the mans apartment. The murderer saw how excessivly gay the man was and found it weirdly appealing. When they sat on the couch and got talking, the man came nearer to the murderer, who didn't want to kill the man anymore and before any of them knew it, they were making out on the couch.
The authority of the murderer, Johnny, showed, when he started taking lead of the kiss. The two of them stumbled into the mans room and made love all night. Johnny broke up with his girlfriend and told her that he turned out to be gay. After that the ex-girlfriend got sick of men and became a lesbian, because she was already doubting her sexuality.

elevator fistfight excessive murderer sweet lovesick authority~~~ the words this story is based on

This was inspired by a word generator :P
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