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Once there was a tired farm boy,
On a break with cheese and bread,
Came a patter from behind,
Toward which he turned his head.

The boy beheld a brown rat,
Tossed a crumb by the rat's hole,
The rat sniffed for a second,
Then swallowed the morsel whole.

The rat did a double flip,
Then stood up on one back leg,
His front two paws together,
As if for more bread to beg.

The boy, shocked by what he saw,
Gave another crumb a toss,
Again the rat dined quickly,
With a straw, he stood to floss.

The rat curled into a ball,
Rolled in circles, round and round,
The boy thought of the money,
He'd make off the pet he'd found.

With another treat the rat,
Ran up the side of a shed,
When back on the ground he spun,
Break dancing upon his head.

Just as the farm boy reached out,
With dollar signs in his eyes,
A black cat pounced from nowhere,
Taking them both by surprise.

The cat, with the rat, ensnared,
Ran away into the glade,
Along with the farm boy's hopes,
Of money, he would've made.

The cat, alone in a field,
Dispatched her talented meal,
Then stood up on her hind legs,
And danced an old fashioned reel.

The moral of this story,
Though hopeless as fate may seem,
When your luck runs out the door,
Never give up on your dream.

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